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  1. Yes it's true.
  2. Well here's a chance to vote.
  3. I said that tongue in cheek.
  4. I am not sure why you think I need to reiterate my opinion on Women's hockey. I've covered their program for five years. It's pretty clear where I stand. I am not sure what you're calling a pot shot? I do find it puzzling that a handful of posters on here just want to cut women's hockey willy nilly. I would suggest that these same fans spend a few bucks and actually go see the program that you're attacking. Can you name three freshmen players from this team without looking at the roster? Since you probably haven't seen a woman's game this season's UND's freshman class is really exciting and talented. Minus the twins, probably one of Idahlski's best. It's not that easy. Can you imagine that national outcry if UND cut a major woman's sport? I would be seen as cutting a woman's sport to re-allocate money to a man's sport. I am dead serious. Our university doesn't need the bad publicity.
  5. DaveK did you forget to take your medication this past week or so?
  6. Mullets suck! go...
  7. That is gross, a turd in the punch bowl.
  8. Wow! Delusions of Grandeur.
  9. I really doubt it, since Gersich said he wanted to be a UND players since he was a little kid.
  10. Yes, but don't you have an iPad or iPhone or smart phone? I would imagine you have a cable package or internet provider that allows you to watch ESPN3.
  11. Ahem, if I am not mistaken, not too long ago, I told you something that was very similar to what MR. Siouxman said. and you ---> SCPA0305 laughed. Whether you want to face the truth or not, that is a common thread that has come up numerous times this season. So, maybe it might just be true. Yes, he's a great kid, but as far as goaltenders go, he's probably not in the top two at UND right now.
  12. If you have Midco or DirecTV, you can watch ESPN3.
  13. It will have little if any effect. Last year's Natty will be more of a factor.