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  1. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    I am thinking this might be the straw that broke the camel's back. They're not real deep through the forward lines.
  2. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Whatever helps you sleep at night. I put Marchand in my avatar to have some fun. Mostly to troll @MafiaMan.. However, like I said, no suspension.
  3. Early Departures 2018

    Here's the list of early departures.
  4. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    This is also hardly worthy of a suspension. It's a freak accident. Scanning Twitter, some Jets fans have been attacking Russo today. My buddy from Winnipeg called the Wild dirty. The Wild are one of the smallest teams in the NHL.
  5. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Jets fans and the coaching staff are also upset today. Here's the hit in question if you haven't seen it. I agree with Russo and the Wild coach.
  6. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    There's not going to be one. If he had a hearing it would've been announced already. Now, this hit is worthy of a game. Erik Haula with the butt-end to the chops.
  7. Stanley Cup Game 2018 Edition

    During the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs, I banned the song from my house. Also, deleted it from my iTunes.
  8. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    It has all season long. The Wild aren't helping their case with all of the stick fowls.
  9. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    I have to admit, it's better to be the hammer than the nail.
  10. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Lower-body injury. http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nhl/3340/derek-forbort
  11. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Ladue and Gravel are out for the Kings tonight.
  12. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    I was listening to NHL channel on XM Radio the other day, and apparently, Hak isn't a big fan of Petr Mrazek, the goalie from the Red Wings. I am not either, I thought that was a horrible pickup at the deadline. That's really the Flyers biggest problem right now.
  13. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    I was disappointed. The Flyers have a great forward group and I expected more of a pushback especially on home ice. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Flyers tie the series on Wednesday night.