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  1. Just finished this project with my kids.... Every NHL card of every Sioux alum to ever play in the far. It was really fun. Have them in order of their NHL debut. There has been a Sioux player for every team in modern time except the Cleveland Barons...and Vegas Knights... About 15 players never had an "official" card with an NHL so i was able to manufactuer my own for those.
  2. Brock Nelson and Nick Schmaltz ousted from The world championships by Finland. talk about your iihEFF Hak still standing with team Canada eh
  3. St. Louis is losing its AHL affiliate for next season. Chicago Wolves going with Vegas. St. Louis had announced they will "affiliate" and loan their players to other American league clubs. Not a good situation, i wonder if that played a role in their prispects choices this year.....and what it may hold for Jordan Schmaltz.
  4. Yes, he's been around the rink with his kids and helping out. Really a nice guy and nice family!
  5. Looks like a whole bunch of cost saving cuts to me.
  6. There was a good sit down and cheer where they talked about this system and costs which where quite high BEFORE they lost the revenue of a tenant. i don't think cutting women's helps the REA. REA would have to purchase the projection system. REA lost a customer in women's hockey. So no the "savings" to the University Athletic department would not be used to purchase the REA an on ice projection system.
  7. Especially when they can just dive in, and swim their way to Chi town.
  8. Not alot of national f#$?ks given for 1 less jv footyball team
  9. Its tough watching them....its so disjointed, they seem to play with genuine disinterest. No direction....Vegas mau not finish last in the league next year
  10. Ill be full on for Haahvahd......this weekend. Dogs can go to hell. And as much as DU I think is the best team and Coach Montgomery has earned a natty......I dont want them at 8. I also dont want the mouthbreathing B1g fans thinking "their" conference won a Go Harvard eh!
  11. They have no intention of investing any money in grimaldi. Realistically Grimaldi has A Golden Knights ceel to him right now
  12. I thought he was too young for if doesnt make Avs next year....Regina Pats?
  13. Jost has signed.
  14. You've been proved wrong in another thread, and you know this is just a lie right now. But whatever fits your narrative right?
  15. I'd rather see UND cut the waste of a football team, rent the Alerus out to RDO for potato storage and use the income to put up a parking structure for fans at REA. Not to mention the extra sheet of practice ice we can get into the Betty.