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  1. NORTH DAKOTA @ Bulldogs - SATURDAY Gameday

    Welcome to the benevolent ambivalence that is the mediocrity of Fighting Hawks hawkey... denutered and pathetic... right where kennedy and the rest of the athletic department want..... und will be the equivilent of mayville state 2 in 10 years if they keep getting their way
  2. NORTH DAKOTA @ Bulldogs - FRIDAY Gameday

    “That’s 7 bitch... you’re buying at the seratoga”
  3. NORTH DAKOTA @ Bulldogs - FRIDAY Gameday

    Can’t Beat !@#$ sports network
  4. NORTH DAKOTA @ Bulldogs - FRIDAY Gameday

    This team seems to get beat physically, beat on speed, and effort. that usually doesn’t work out to well.
  5. NORTH DAKOTA @ Bulldogs - FRIDAY Gameday

    Actually they’ve missed a solid interference both ways as well
  6. NORTH DAKOTA @ Bulldogs - FRIDAY Gameday

    both those penalties were softer than taco sh!ts the marbles are equaled now so watch the whistles go away and they lose control of the game
  7. NORTH DAKOTA @ Bulldogs - FRIDAY Gameday

    pogo has had 2 bad bad giveaways and 2 bad effort plays. ill be happy with a goal this weekend at this point
  8. NORTH DAKOTA vs Beavers - SATURDAY Gameday

    embarrassing display of effort yet again in the home rink against what should be a cupcake..... This team mentally pplays like they have a 7 goal lead at times.... it just happens so damn often... faaaaahhhhhhhhhquue
  9. University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    Leave early as in go pro. Or leave early as in it didn’t work out for them and were moved along or left early as in they didn’t get their widdle way and went somewhere else to have their booboo egos not be ouchied...... (Tambeleavi)
  10. Omaha at UND

    I put that loss squarely on the shoulders of someone who wanted to mess with tradition and start their own opponent thread, for their own selfish pride. Not your place, now we have to sacrifice a bull ( maverick)and sprinkle its blood on the nets...... probably your keyboard too.
  11. Omaha at UND

    AZSIOUX starts the game threads. What type of evil are you trying to bring upon us?
  12. World Juniors 2017-2018

    Mittelstad has great skill, and hands like crazy... easy to score on kids tho.... he is going to get murdered in the NHL trying those second and third deke moves..... that is a kid that needs needs another year or two to gaim strength and learm how to use it. he wont get it tho.... i see him takimg a very jost like path.... leace early to play in the NHL on a !@#$ team.... get creamed consistently..... imjured ..... not produce and get stuck in a 4th line roll cause they cant send the "first rounder" down to the AHL like he needs
  13. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Geez .... A guy cant even hate a bit on second tier rival opponent these days.....what eles are we supposed to do on the long break???.......just sit around polishing our natty trophies.... Jan Brady State College of Celebrated Participation is doing well right now..... lets see what happens in April.
  14. The All UND-in-the-NHL Team: 2017-18 Edition

    also. even if you called up a bunch of fepth Sioux Alums.... Thompson, Simpson, Johnson, Knight... The team would be way way under the salary cap....3 years feom now, might not be able to say that. Big raises coming for Dell, Boeser, Scmaltz. at least.......