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  1. Dont ever feel bullied to, Discus.
  2. Another reason to leave was the "Fan Fest" was awefull..... $20 to get in and then $6 beers....terrible $6 food options.... and it was closed down during the second game so many ended up with unused drink tickets. That combined with not great food options had me thinking about taking off too. We stayed but it wasnt really fun....
  3. The Icon would literally be too big for this crowd. What another embarr4assing B1G fail
  4. Happy. Sad. Who will stay. Who will go.
  5. People like that are not to be believed.....hes trying to turn fast many for $5 give 10 back and sell as many as he can for way more...... i know this type of low life pile.....lots of hate in that one. Sad.
  6. 2 things A) where are they staying an 2) can we send in Deano and his fire alarm trick?
  7. Although we have set the NCAA record for SPH on shot attempts this year. Shin Pads Hit.
  8. I see Vancouver plays in Winnipeg Sunday night. I hope two kids from Forks aren't sharing a ride up.....
  9. Next year....or even better in the minors....I'm willing to bet he has to answer for that hit someday.
  10. Well I guess we can look forward to this if/when Bemidji State hosts at Scheels too. Oh the humanity of (legit) complaining that would be
  11. While I agree with you 100% on the protectors BS. When I first saw this I was disgusted, as anyone with eyes, good taste, and half brain would be, who even knew what it was and what it's supposed to represent .....but then as I looked at it I realized it was so small and nondescript underwhelming that it doesn't matter. It just blends into the ice like any other nonimportant logo or advertisement that is usually out there. It could be the west regional sponsored by USPS. Quite inconsequential. The 4000 Sioux jerseys will play a much more prominent visual on national TV.
  12. Penn state is straight garbage. Gawdowsky...don't care about spelling. watching some interviews he is the SEC of douchebags
  13. Yeah....that state line might be a problem for the ol' ankle bracelet.