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  1. Believe he was a sophomore.
  2. Obviously easy to get out of a lease but I think it's the thought behind it.
  3. I understand your point but we offer a lot of people. Macura was never going to come here.
  4. People keep saying Cam and I still don't see it.
  5. *cringes*
  6. Sam King is a local, played QB for Red River and Bemidji State. I thought I had heard he took a job at Minnesota Duluth but I could be wrong.
  7. What if jones gets it and smith ends up here
  8. And smith takes it.
  9. Rumors floating that this will be at the x next year. Anyone hear anything?
  10. It would be nice to have a big or two waiting in the wings but we know how hard it is to get those at this level.
  11. I believe Aanen Moody has said that the coaches told him he will have the opportunity to be the first guy off the bench.
  12. For those going to the tournament, any place to gather tomorrow night to watch the basketball game?
  13. I think you're ripping on his jumping ability a little much. Does fine dunking but isn't going to wow anyone with his athleticism. If you're going to talk about somebody that can barely dunk, you could look at our 7 footer.