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  1. Anderson and Tufte have both said they are coming back... as per Matt Wellens.
  2. PM sent.
  3. Got them. Thanks Esox. Much appreciated.
  4. I can't find them for sale anywhere. I thought I had heard of people buying fan fest tickets although they didn't have tickets for the game. They were hoping they'd be able to get game tickets later. I thought maybe some of those people would come forward and get rid of their fan fest tickets.
  5. Anyone have any fan fest tickets they won't be using. Looking for 2 more.
  6. Interesting.
  7. But we have a .750 winning percentage against the two teams remaining on our schedule. IF we keep that up the final two weekends, AND St Cloud gets swept by Denver in Denver, then we'll be home for the first round against St Cloud. We are .750 against St Cloud. Win that series to make the Frozen Faceoff, and we should be good. We'll still be on the bubble, but hopefully playing tough competition at the Frozen Faceoff won't drop us out of the NCAAs. Optimism 101
  8. Ok. Thanks. I've found them on google before too, but siouxsports had an amazing database. Wish they'd put the pictures from the old siouxsports back up again.
  9. On a side note. How'd you get that picture? I had saved a link to the spot where all of those pics were saved on siouxsports, but when they changed this site around all of my links died. I've been curious how to get to that database of pictures ever since then.
  10. Point taken. If I had to choose to spend a grand or so to take a trip to the Frozen Faceoff or to Chicago for the Frozen Four, I'd pick the Frozen Four too. I was thinking more of the local fan base that is bailing out on the tournament.
  11. My point had nothing to do with how much money people spend following their team around. It had to do with everyone jumping on the bandwagon of bailing out on the frozen faceoff this year due to the crappy venue. When in all actuality I believe it has to do with the team not playing very well at the Target Center and having a tough year so far this year. It's tough to watch your team lose, I get it. But a guaranteed two games for your team at a venue 4 hours away from home should be a no-brainer.
  12. What a depressing thread to read. We've been going to the Final Five and Frozen Faceoff for the past 13 years, and we have already bought our tickets again this year. We have 7 in our group, and there wasn't one thought about not purchasing tickets. Yes the venue sucks, but I'd watch the team play in a circus tent if that's where the game was being played. I hear a lot of people ragging on the venue being the reason they aren't going this year, but I'd have to think it has to do with the team's struggles at the Target Center. They say we have the best traveling fans, but by the sounds of it, we've got some spoiled fair weather fans too. And as stated above, this year's tournament could be the deciding factor for UND making the regional in Fargo or not.
  13. Sold! Thanks and Go Sioux!
  14. I have 2 lower bowl aisle seats available for this Friday. Seats are in 107 where UND shoots twice. Text 2187799582 if interested.
  15. 4 ticket packages. 113 row C just like MNBen.