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  1. 2018 Season

    Nobody is arguing the initial denial and then attempt to get him back, which happened. My point is after he left in June (for second time) to go back home why didn't he request a release and go somewhere else? Appeal? Haven't heard a peep since but he claims he wants to be playing. Damn near every kid who wants to be released gets released eventually. I fully agree that he should be playing somewhere, so much talent.
  2. 2018 Season

    I have an extemely hard time believing that. Think about it for a minute: when's the last time you heard a kid say NOTHING to anybody about being held up by his current school when wanting a transfer? So apparently he is sitting at home kicking the couch cause UND won't release him. Lol, cmon. Next point: does Bubba seem like the type to screw over a kid? Final point: he doesn't need to be fully released to transfer to another school. He would just have to sit out a full year, right? A school doesn't own a kid for 4 years. Absurd. If UND wasn't releasing him he would have appealed. Anybody hear about his appeal or see the paperwork?
  3. 2018 Season

    Plus, he never played anywhere after leaving that summer. That is pretty telling.
  4. 2018 Season

    Heard he looked into it yes but I do not believe he was set on going there. These days all his family would have had to do was claim discrimination or something and it would have worked. They didn't and even posed for pics at UND with Bubba when he decided to return.
  5. 2018 Season

    Well that sucks. OL is a problem, a big problem right now
  6. That's fine to label it whatever you want. But, the base logo would be the general simple version. Then, the secondary one is introduced and is more specific and unique. Really the school could then push whichever logo they want for the situation.
  7. What do you think of the logo now??

    Darrel, time to slow down now. You hit the 100 post per day max.
  8. What is the magical name and logo? Nobody ever seems to know but they sure know Hawks isn't it.
  9. Yes, UND can add a secondary logo and probably should. A more detailed bird, for instance.
  10. I get it but not the same. Universities have a new slogan/campaign for their sports every year. That dog was going to be shot regardless.
  11. What would the winning logo look like?
  12. So now you're arguing the selection process, too? We will never have a logo as stately as a buffalo snorting so quit holding us to such high standards please.
  13. That's not better. We are still sitting good.
  14. I asked last week and got nothing. Where is the example of the magical logo that's going to galvanize the fanbase? Remember: no feathers (native americans own feathers), birds don't have teeth, angry bird is a game - so those are all out according to the nickname/logo experts on here circa 2016.
  15. What do you think of the logo now??

    he also thinks the Bison logo is a work of art.
  16. and then roll it up and lay it back down constantly. I wonder if they have to roll up the turf in Arizona alot?
  17. Worry about it in 2020. I want them to get in the Big Ten by 2025 but am not gonna push for logos on the field until it happens.
  18. Do you know we won't? Who gives a F. We aren't even in a league, technically.
  19. i think you're confused as to what people are talking about. If the money from the football revenue was kept by UND it would not go directly to football. Nobody has said this. It would simply help out with the overall AD budget. That is what people are getting at.
  20. lets say its $10-100-1000...whatever. Why does it need to be sent to the REA? I have asked this question for a week now and got nothing.
  21. Also, put it on your headstone to cement your legacy forever.
  22. Well, by all means then! We got ourselves a Hawk logo at midfield folks.
  23. Who said it was impossible? Nobody wants a large seam around it, nobody. So that means replacing the all of the entire panels that would encompass the Hawk. That cannot be cheap. Would that go over well in this climate and who would pay for it?