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  1. Back in the day people severely overestimated how it would work to "go D1". They related it to playing North Carolina in basketball, Texas in baseball - every year. Not the Summit League and FCS football. Then UND went and beat UNI in 2006 and people figured it out pretty quick that it wasn't Alabama and Ohio State. Which is why I say now that leaving to go FBS and play in the MWC is not that big of a deal and would be very underwhelming for any FCS fanbase. The most excitement would in the first 4 non-conference games.
  2. No they didn't. I was speaking of unfamiliarity and quickly learning how boring the MWC is. The move to D1 was completely different than this and people severely overestimated the quality of play at the FCS and Summit level.
  3. Doesn't matter how good they are. Nobody knows anything about any of them and Boise wants out asap. Familiarity level is nil
  4. If NDSU wants to leave and join the MWC as it sits today I say see ya and good luck. Your fan base will be bored stiff by year 2.
  5. The rest of the Big 12 schools will lose about 75% of their TV money once OU and UT leave. You think they are going to hang around and backfill with SMU?
  6. The Big 12 is gone. P4 are pulling away into their own setup eventually and what we see how below them is going to be completely reinvented
  7. What does that have to do with anything I wrote?
  8. BV did. Maybe you should tell them to correct it. Also...a backup from EMU? Wow Entz.
  9. Well I am not wrong. Not sure where it was stated that UND offered him a scholarship
  10. There's a reason he has no other offers. 6'7" and hope for something to come of it
  11. Damn, Gillman committed to Montana
  12. My source is quite good so I believe him and its fits with the offers they have made.
  13. Plot twist: my football guy said UND only offered a PWO as well. Let's get BV updated to reflect that.
  14. What's even more telling is how he hasn't committed to them already.
  15. For us to be in it this long with Hegerle is telling.
  16. That's exactly my point-- this class is very average for their standards considering they have every advantage possible at the FCS level over all schools
  17. BV is classic right now. All these guys with no other current offers, like Hayes, and they make up excuses why and then say "hope we can hang onto him" I know they don't want to admit it but this class of theirs is currently not good.
  18. If you can answer this honestly, please do: are you nervous about Entz and recruiting? This class he is bringing in is not looking very good at all by NDSU's standards of past classes. I may be wrong and typically am but I don't know.
  19. Been missing you guys over here. How is Entz doing in recruiting?
  20. Entz is doing a number on the NSIC early on this summer. Back off already!
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