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  1. NORTH DAKOTA vs Beavers - SATURDAY Gameday

    they need reiger with smith....
  2. Sioux Survivor Game #12 2017-2018

  3. NORTH DAKOTA vs Beavers - SATURDAY Gameday

    oops, i thought I was on the survivor thread. lol, thanks for the heads up
  4. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    Glad he is not at UND, he is a talented player and I wish him well but if a player thinks UM is a top option for them, no thanks. Lamoo twins were enough. Maybe it is just bad juju clouding my judgement. Are the type of players that UND pursues the same as UM, I mean beyond the surface of "elite" & "blue chip".

    Will Tim on Iheart still be available?
  6. Sioux Survivor Game #12 2017-2018

    Nick Jones
  7. Hockey Movies

    The Jost Story...
  8. You know Oxbow, the gnashing of the teeth, the tears (facebook & real), the fury of the twitter twins...
  9. former players

    Sorry for the confusion, somehow I got the impression he was hanging up the skates not looking to make a change like this
  10. I held a sliver of hope my daughter could play there, but knew the odds were slim. I have mentally balanced in my head whether either of my kids had the choice of student at UND or D1 (or less) elsewhere, what would they do. To me being an alumni, a Fighting Sioux, is a big thing. I don't think they share the sentiment.... yet.
  11. The elephant in the room, did Idalski bring the cut? Why did the program bleed so much green? Maybe home grown players (except the darling twins) would not have been hardware producers, but interest wise would it have helped? It was stated on here a while back, that Britta Curl was told by Idalski that the only way she would play for UND is to take her talents out of state. That to me (if true) is a huge sign, that he had his head in the clouds...
  12. former players

    That he would continue elsewhere, somehow I got the impression that his focus had shifted to education / career other than hockey.
  13. former players

    Didn't see that coming, wonder what happened?
  14. former players

    Now the olympic hockey got interesting for me...
  15. Hockey Movies

    The Beer League is some sort of youtube shite
  16. Hockey Movies

    Yeah that is the one, didn't realize it became a franchise.
  17. Hockey Movies

    There is some wonky film about a hockey player that took up figure skating, probably an after school special, the chick was hot and said "toe pick" alot.
  18. I thought they just played all the games on Facebook and Tweeter? So sick of these Twins, wish they had stayed at UM.
  19. Hockey Movies

    If Sudden Death is fringe but acceptable, then Letterkenny is going on my list.
  20. Hockey Movies

    So, any love for "Goon" movie, I think it has a sequel also? I have yet to see Mystery Alaska.
  21. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Is it odd that Elite Prospects doesn't list Geoff as his father, but does list Geoff as having a son, Benjamin?
  22. NORTH DAKOTA @/vs Bemidji State

    onhockey.tv is showing 17:07 MT start

    Berry knows best, in my uneducated mind. Rieger in for Olson would make me smile