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  1. DaveK is your doppelganger, here is a recent pic, look familiar?
  2. Glad I could be of help.. I'm hoping scoring shows up..
  3. I hope not, Rowney scored less as a senior...
  4. When Nick Ritchie lays a big hit, he leaves a mark...
  5. I wonder if Perry will get fine / suspension for abuse of officials?
  6. Fisher is hurt too but no info on how bad or long... Smashville becoming Crashville..
  7. I have not seen if the injury was a result of on ice contact....
  8. Hope this don't backfire and the better Penguins goalie takes the team to the cup.
  9. Would the real Marc Fleury please stand up, please stand up..
  10. To be fair it was grades 3-5 in the same class #smallschoolwin
  11. Man that picture is disgusting, and so appropriate... cause 3rd grade was the best
  12. Listening to the talking heads praise Kesler makes me nauseous.. Between Pierre's never ending dribble, the moronic Gatorade commercial, and Kesler love fest, these playoffs have a meh. But the play on the ice is amazing most of the time. Watching two guys hit the boards so hard tonight makes me wonder if boards should be designed to be safer... sort of like the safer barriers in NASCAR? I hate to say it but the wickedness of play that the playoffs are being defined as (in comparison to regular season) is just giving fans what they want..
  13. Thanks for playing siouxforcefans, made my rookie experience somewhat less painful...