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  1. Change the names of any children, pets, or relatives that are named Dave to evad.
  2. i'm lost, can you repeat the things you said about the things
  3. Maybe they are thinking about DealDash.com?
  4. please tell me ya watched it on youtube....
  5. Maybe a new chant is in order during this transition period.... Go Hawks! Go Sioux! as in Tastes great! Less Filling!
  6. small consolation prize I guess
  7. Will this game make it to youtube please
  8. #gobc in chaos #whosrunningtheship
  9. and Boeser with his first NHL goal...
  10. Trevor Olson with the C unless Jost stays Simo with an A again
  11. Soooo... time for a logo / mascot / name change?
  12. I was thinking P U B U, but I get cross looks from moms everywhere
  13. #lapdogsnobiscuit
  14. Never heard of him, snicker snicker