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  1. That year turned out horrible for UND.
  2. Crazy that BC didn't "make it work" for him. Big loss to their incoming class. Wonder where he'll end up now? A late add to a different NCAA program or MJ?
  3. He's going to be an excellent hockey player for the Gophers. But man, I laughed out loud when I read that he didn't record a single pull-up.
  4. Oh man, sad day. I have Brad Miller's game-worn black Sioux jersey #13 when they had past Sioux players names on the shoulder that had previously worn the same number. So it's a Cherski/Miller jersey. I thought that was pretty cool when I got it.
  5. I have to think this means that we see most of the DU players stick around. From how he made it sound, some were only going pro if he did. DU will definitely be loaded next year and the pre-season favorite in both the league and NCAA....but as Brendan Morrison from Michigan said...."sometimes the best team doesn't win".
  6. They don't have any roster space until 2025-2026 season though with all their committed recruits. Not sure he wants to wait that long.
  7. They must be anticipating losing half their roster that year.
  8. He joined the other 73 committed UW players for the next couple seasons. Granato is following the Eaves mantra: "just sign them all!"
  9. I've wondered that as well. He didn't exactly have good success at OSU...only 6 pts in essentially one season (only played 3 games Soph year before going BCHL). He's done great in those two BCHL seasons though. Excited to see what he brings to the table.
  10. Article on Wilkie transferring from the CC Gazette: He took a little longer to adjust to the college game than originally anticipated with how his last USHL year went, but he might have been one of those players that really blossomed in his jr/sr years. With the depth at forward that UND will have next season, he might have been worried about watching too many games from the stands. He has a great shot though, just couldn't get it off as much as we'd have liked. Best of luck at CC, Chris...unless you're playing against your old team.
  11. MTU blog just naming potential candidates for their hc position. I doubt Jackson is looking to leave when he had the opportunity to leave with Hakstol, but maybe he wants his own NCAA HC job? Doubtful he would go though I would guess.
  12. Someday I hope to have enough money to where my daughter can sue me for $200+ million.