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  1. Didn't all long term injuries to Boeser, Jost, and Poolman happen this year while playing UMD? Seems that Duluth has an MO.
  2. Thanks a lot UMD!
  3. He wrote a different article for each team in the regional and why they can win. He said that all of them would make it online sometime today.
  4. I would guess Ohio State.
  5. I don't think you'll catch much flack from the 20 UMD fans there.
  6. It'll be funny when 1/2 of that section is UND fans.
  7. UND: one or two over the last half decade UMD: one or two on every line
  8. What is the allotment that would have been given to UMD to sell? It amazes me that they couldn't sell out to legitimate UMD fans instead of all you "fake" UMD fans. It's not like it's a far journey for them to make the trip.
  9. Spotted another sweet dive re-watching the highlights. This time Raskob #15. Watch at 4:15 during the scrum. He's on the ice then gets up a huge fury, initially almost pounces on his own guy. Simo sticks an arm out to keep him off and Raskob hits the ice like he's been shot as well. Then immediately looks at the official and spreads his arms looking for the call while laying on the ice. What the heck Bullpups? And then a couple seconds later, he sits up after realizing he won't get the call and he takes a punch at Ausmus' leg. Of which Gage doesn't even acknowledge.
  10. I think they only really have a handful of diehard fans...the same ones that post on forums, Twitter, etc. They're the vocal ones that call out other fanbases, but then are also the first ones to cry about UND if any of that crap gets sent back their way. I saw their comments on Twitter about how UND fans were complaining about UMD playing "hard-nosed hockey" this weekend (and wanting a suspension for Pionk)...and them saying how that was hypocritical when UND has been known for playing that style for years. But it was more the diving and flopping that got to me...UND has never played that cheap game. That replay of Simonson and Osterberg getting into it is hilarious (where Simonson got the penalty). Osterberg kept pushing, pushing, pushing...then Simo hit him once back and he flopped like he'd be shot from the rafters, complete with the head snap back and all. Geez man. This isn't soccer, man up and play the game.
  11. Yeah, they are both built for this to be their big year with a chance for the title. Similar to us last year, or the Frattin senior year, etc. UND has taken a few of those teams out recently as well...remember a couple years ago when UND took out UW with their last loaded team in the 1st round, then beat I believe FSU in OT to reach the F4. That was UW's big chance to win another title.
  12. Rank order of teams I want to see win the 2017 national title: 1 - North Dakota -- easy decision 2 - Western Michigan -- keep it in the NCHC 3 - Michigan Tech -- old WCHA foe back to prominence 4 - Air Force 5 - Harvard 6 - UMass Lowell 7 - Union 8 - Providence 9 - Cornell 10 - Ohio State 11 - Notre Dame 12 - Penn State 13 - Boston U -- Eichel year loss still hurts, would love to end their season after all their hype 14 - Duluth -- last weekend made them even more hated, don't want the flopping hacks to win 15 - Denver -- don't want them to tie us in titles 16 - Minnesota -- don't want them to close the gap in titles
  13. If Clarkson can win the title...UND WH sure should be able to as well.
  14. The dives and flopping got to me. Osterberg and Tonninato were particularly bad. Those are both skilled resort to having to flop around to get penalties like that is pretty pathetic.
  15. From the Herald article: Nicely done Berry. No comments on the opposing bench.