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  1. We left one 1 bid conference for another so I hope those games against IUPUI mean something to the fans.
  2. He would already have his Canadian authorization to live and work without the right to govt services since he is employed by a Canadian company.
  3. slashing the goalie no goal
  4. Well you know how important that Woman's NIT is
  5. Remember he doesn't want us to get 9 before they get 10
  6. did bu really score 28 seconds in? or is chn being funny
  7. Those will be covered like the beer signs.
  8. I was thinking that too trevor
  9. if Duluth plays like last night with ECAC refs they will spend the weekend down 2
  10. Inserting Derek Shepard or campion as head officials would be a great start at replacing the don
  11. Also the primary assist on goal 3 went to a player that should have been watching from the locker room.
  12. need that video and tweet fenton and adam just fill the twitter accounts
  13. goalie interference can be called if the goalie is in the crease, and can't play the puck. interference because you can't hit someone who didnt have the puck
  14. that's why it was just interference not goalie interference