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  1. Cooper Kupp goes to the Rams at 69th overall.
  2. "Championship program" has a better ring to it and rolls off the tounge better than "best of the lousiest...lousiest of the best."
  3. Good news, @Ray77 Fowler's back tonight!
  4. Turning down an Ivy to come play for Idalski might be Darwin's law at work...the level of delusion is shocking
  5. Wake me up when they play Canada for the gold. 11-0 semifinal games, no thanks.
  6. Agree. What would be wrong with this?
  7. Fair enough!
  8. Maybe he should IM you with something like "go <insert verb here> your <insert noun here>. But wait, that's out of the BV playbook.
  9. Chipman's daughter was on the team so I'm going to cut him some slack here. I really doubt he would have weighed in on the matter otherwise. I admire Kennedy more by the day for having made this call, knowing what was coming and who he might piss off.
  10. On the professional level, as far as taking the family to a game, MLB and MLS are the best value out there. NFL, NBA, and NHL prices have spiraled out of control.
  11. Oh I'm with you on this one. I think any Title IX suit would be a waste of everyone's time. I found the only angle I could even fathom.
  12. Armchair attorney for a day: I would guess they would go after the more qualitative, least data-driven argument (Prong 3). Hurt feelings will the plantiff's friend, data and hard facts, the enemy.
  13. Dumb question, can someone help me understand the basis of a potential lawsuit? The scholarships are being honored, of course. Where is there harm?
  14. This is 100% what I'm seeing on social media.
  15. What is "in a convent?"