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  1. Stanley Cup Game 2018 Edition

    Top scorer overlooked by all players: Jon Marchessault (VGK) 18
  2. Stanley Cup Game 2018 Edition

    Perfect (to date): F: Kusnetzov (WSH) 24; Ovechkin (WSH) 22; Crosby (PIT) 21; Guentzel (PIT) 21; Wheeler (WPG) 21; Pasternak (BOS)/Scheifele (WPG) 20 D: Byufuglien (WPG) 16; Carlson (WSH) 16; Krug (BOS) 12; Hedman (TBL)/Letang (PIT) 11 Total: 184 71 is less than 40% of that and good for a resounding last place.
  3. Yelling "Go Sioux" and "Go Hawks" feels equally stupid. It's quite a conundrum.
  4. New Mascot

    i.e. the next time someone needs a bird-related logo they can dig one of those out of the hopper and tweak it.
  5. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    A bunch of castaways or the Caps exercise the demons. Great story either way.
  6. The other Dakota schools seem to skid by without oversight from an arena management company.
  7. Michigan certainly seems to put out a respectable product consistently across multiple programs. That’d be a good model.
  8. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    What they are doing is amazing. Want to talk about beneficial expansion rules, let’s go back fifty years when they expanded the league to twelve, kept the original six in one conference, and put the new six in the other, ensuring an expansion team in the Stanley Cup final. P.S the St. Louis Blues reached the final three years in a row under this format, getting swept 4-0 each time.
  9. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    It’s remarkable what Vegas is doing. Fleury the new Conn Smythe leader in the clubhouse, but I still think Winnipeg has a shot at this.
  10. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    First time Winnipeg has been down this playoff season, will be interesting how they respond.
  11. US Supreme Court lets states legalize sports betting

    I believe that will be up to the states to decide. DraftKings will be able to offer DFS on collegiate athletics in those states that allow it. They've always been able to, the pulling of college betting was voluntary on both DraftKings and FanDuel's part.
  12. Thank you cberkas!