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  1. MAF. Face of the Franchise. Link provided for "Roosevelt83" to stock up.
  2. About as good as they could expect to do. The Pominville no-movement clause really caused havoc for them.
  3. Media release tomorrow morning.
  4. I would really hate to see Zucker go.
  5. Absolutely. And if this doesn't happen, Minot will be #3 within a decade.
  6. Many have tried, nobody has been able to square up on Floyd.
  7. I picked the wrong season to go all Penguins contrarian on the bit.
  8. A very nice beer here, the Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA.
  9. Hey everyone, it's "Roosevelt83"! He enjoys "Penn State hockey" and his favorite player is Marc-Andre Fleury!
  10. Hey, I have as much fun as anyone else yukking it up at Goldy's expense. That said, this kid is going to have a positive impact for their program from day one.
  11. Sounds a lot like UND in the mid-90's to me.
  12. Daryle Lamonica lost his job to Ken Stabler after coming down with the flu before a 1972 playoff game. Total BS!
  13. Drew Bledsoe would also like a word.