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  1. Would You Rather

  2. #MeToo wave hits ESPN

    The Jen Sterger/Matthew Barry situation summarized, Tom Brady filling in for Brett Favre on this one. http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/sexual-harassment/2751966?snl=1
  3. The All UND-in-the-NHL Team: 2017-18 Edition

    Might be fun to pick up a copy of NHL '18 and create a 32nd team that looks like this.
  4. #MeToo wave hits ESPN

    Is it harassment if I say "Good eye, Bucci!"? And now back to our feature presentation, "1984".
  5. Future Schedules

    Throw another $5 million in the pot, take the 2nd best ranked G5 conference champion, give #1 and #2 G5 their own bowl, market the hell out of it. There's your de facto 2-team playoff, and the P5 is happy to keep the New Year's Six to themselves!
  6. Future Schedules

  7. The Big Sky was a basketball hellhole other than Weber, let's be frank for a minute.
  8. The 2017 SiouxSports.com Hoggsbreath Brunch

    She was putting her smokes out on it (no ashtray available).
  9. The 2017 SiouxSports.com Hoggsbreath Brunch

    Definite three-bagger.
  10. Carson Wentz taking Philly by storm

    Philly is still the front runner to me. Remmers and Elflein banged up on the Vikings OL going into yesterday, and now Rieff in a walking boot today. Kennum was running for his life yesterday a la Bradford 2016, big plays are down the last two weeks. Gotta get the hogs up front healthy enough to go.
  11. FBS games

    Give the G5 a spot or split ‘em off for their own championship. I’m with Darrell on this one. P.S the current system is leaps and bounds better than the BCS 1 vs. 2
  12. Would You Rather

    I’ll settle for “average hayseed in Billings County realizes they are both in the same division.”
  13. Drugs Are Bad Mmmkay

    Looks like there are people working on it. https://www.druidapp.com/ Might be a great project for these folks: https://business.und.edu/undergraduate/school-of-entrepreneurship/
  14. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Thanks for the response. I think the bolded is a HUGE if. I don't see the G5 getting any more than one golden ticket to Wonka's factory in the foreseeable future. Time will tell.
  15. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    What is the allure of G5 FBS football right now? I don’t see it. The Sun Belt and C-USA have zero exposure, not to mention what’s happening at UCF.