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  1. UNC Predictions

    At least the coaches are still working their asses off trying get this thing turned around.
  2. UNC Predictions

    "We go from a championship football team to a bunch of dogs!" Coach Beaulieu is NOT pleased. UNC 40 UND 14
  3. Twins ?

    Get Barrios ready please.
  4. Twins ?

  5. Twins ?

    Severino done after a third of an inning! 3-0 Twins.
  6. Twins ?

  7. Montana State Predictions

    Leave MafiaMan out of this.
  8. NHL expanding to Seattle in 2014?

    There were commitments made to Detroit ownership during the realignment to not do that.
  9. Gameday vs USD

    Run 'em till they can't eat supper!
  10. Gameday vs USD

    Horrible, just horrible.
  11. The Athletic- Russo leaves the Strib

    Todd Milewski?
  12. Sixteen former Big Sky stars make active NFL rosters

    Same. Got Wentz and Terrance West as backups as well, for a little extra FCS flavor.
  13. FBS games

    Sumlin's seat was hot to begin with. Ouch.
  14. Gameday vs Utah

    Lane Kiffin FAU on Line 1!
  15. Gameday vs Utah

    Could start looking ugly this drive, hope I'm wrong.