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  1. I think he just wanted to be around when they play the Bison again, so he took a year off.
  2. At least it was an opinion piece so that's his opinion, no matter how illogical it seems. It really bothers me when it is supposed to be a straight news story and only one half of the argument is put forward, which is becoming more and more common these days.
  3. Apparently not completely because like I said he led the team in scoring after they left.
  4. Yeah, you could really tell what a great rivalry it is becoming at the "X" last year when Minnesota had to win to get into the NCAA tournament. Was it even 30 percent full?
  5. So Berndsen could have played a number of places, yet she didn't have a single point? If I were her, I would keep my mouth shut and not draw attention to my lack of production.
  6. We had a run of guys that chose not to come here after committing from the development teams, so maybe that is a change of philosophy unless you are certain what you are getting. We also used to get a lot of players from Shattuck, but that has changed as well. Would be nice to see a list of players we had from the USA development program, as I think there were as many no shows as ones that played here.
  7. Would guess the salary cap would make that very difficult because Oshie should be due for a big payday. That probably goes for the Wild as well.
  8. Of course he was helped by Oshie and Toews, but their numbers were improved by each other also, and Duncan did lead the team in scoring after they were gone.
  9. Where is Schlossman's outrage on these reductions. While he is off covering a Frozen Four that UND wasn't a part of, the Herald was planning job cuts. Wonder how they found out they lost their jobs?
  10. I stand corrected. I was under the impression they were both sons of Dennis. I wonder if Grant has any ties to UND then, other than living in Grand Forks.
  11. Would guess he is holding out to play for UND and UND would like to see him play at the Junior level like his brother did before they commit. I would guess he has had some offers, but that is strictly speculation.
  12. That's the nice thing about it from the fans perspective, they don't have to buy until they know they are in. Of course they really might take a hit if UND doesn't make it.
  13. I'm not sure I am going to read too much into a few players bad mouthing coaches or a program. Every program has people who leave or don't have a good experience. If fans are always wondering why some players are playing over others with no personal stake in the matter, imagine how it compounds when you are the one that feels they are being treated unfairly.
  14. ... and they are not going to award it to Fargo every year.
  15. Brad retweeted it, so you would think he would see if a phrase like that was really used and in what context... Oh, wait, that would be what a professional journalist would do.