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  1. What about Ludvig Hoff, is he skating?
  2. Hoping they Do Little against UND.
  3. No doubt they are playing better defensively, but I would guess Western can say the same thing. The highest ranked pairwise team they played in those 17 games was at 25, and they didn't beat them. Definitely no time to overlook anybody though because upsets happen quite frequently.
  4. Maybe Faison deserves a raise as well because we never would have got to the Dance if he went by prevailing wisdom.
  5. So he was a terrible coach that deserved to be fired up until then, and now because he had a couple good months he should be paid more than Bubba? I wouldn't complain about Brian Faison with that kind of philosophy.
  6. So when they have a bad few months starting next season you'll want him fired again and ask the question why they gave him a new contract?
  7. I'm not sure a bigger arenas like Sioux Falls or Omaha would get as many tickets sold ahead of time as Scheels Arena, where people just want to make sure they could get tickets should UND get in. Plus Omaha hasn't made the tournament every year, so they would be taking a chance that they would get in, or if they didn't get in, the committee would place another team that draws well there.
  8. Yeah, at least St. Cloud made some extra money for their athletic programs a few years back.
  9. So, maybe the standard that the league will use is suspension is dependent upon whether the player is injured. If they don't deem this suspension worthy, that's fine, but don't think that in the future when charging the goalie happens more frequently that people don't look back on this incident and ask the question what is different.
  10. ... and the funny thing is that Schlossman, who rips the NHL for player safety every chance he gets, doesn't seem to do the same for the league he reports on.
  11. I think we need to start a thread that has incidences like these that should be precedent setters. If Pionk's barreling into the goalie isn't something that can garner a suspension, then running into the goalie is not able to be considered for suspension, unless you charge the goalie at full speed head on from the front.
  12. My problem is that the worst case scenario is Minnesota winning, so until they are ousted, I want formidable opponents to stay alive on that side of the bracket.
  13. How about if you tell the NCAA it is either that or drop the program.
  14. I think he is a forward, and would rather see Tyler Ward (no relation) change his mind from Denver based on how well he seems to be producing. Leading the BCHL playoffs in goal scoring and points per game and he is a 99.
  15. Just looked at the last 4 years and St. Cloud has a PP percentage of 24.65 and UND 18.9. Part of that can be attributed to the big ice surface in St. Cloud, but that is such a big discrepancy. 20 percent should be the norm with the kind of talent we have from year to year.