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  1. He's an embarrassment to the entire human race.
  2. Reaction at the Ralph IMG_2466.MOV
  3. I guess you were wrong and he was right....
  4. This team plays, when this team wants to play.
  5. No, he's just a piece of s***.
  6. This was SDSU's Super Bowl...
  7. You can't polish a turd.
  8. How far back are you looking? I've taken photos back dating back to 2005.
  9. Peanut butter & jelly?
  10. To be a Super Senior?
  11. Outdoor games have better ice than this.
  12. I only have 2 Tickets but they are upper bowl. If you want the Friday, January 15 game vs. Omaha I'll give them to you for free.
  13. How about husky human's?