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  1. They even dropped big, bad Football before the move to D1 and still are worse off than most athletic departments.
  2. That's from the state track meet. So would assume no handheld.
  3. What's are you thinking as far as "good" in the Alerus Center?
  4. You're special.
  5. I would rather catch them vs. having them slip.
  6. Uhh no. Those two schools are marginal at best. Commuter colleges with very little following.
  7. "Historical". LOL. Like what?
  8. Did you read the article?
  9. They are going to be playing two different positions, right?
  10. Scheels has a bunch of nice fitted Hawks hats. All colors. I was impressed with how much Hawks gear they have now.
  11. When you suddenly need to make your account private, you have probably said some stupid sh*t. Those kind of comments are why the majority of people dislike WH and don't feel bad for them.
  12. Do it. That would be so epic of you. Those kids wouldn't know what hit em.
  13. The "How About We Keep Sioux" thing died a long time ago. What you are seeing on campus as far as support is what it is. The support for Hawks is only going to grow with every incoming freshmen class. The only people fighting it will be Sioux lovers. So be it. It's the new nickname and logo. Get used to it.
  14. Blatant sexism. Oh wait.....
  15. First round? Ummmm yah. I love UND Football but that is a bit much.