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  1. That's outstanding.
  2. Maybe everyone should worry about our own program and maybe, just periodically, keep tabs on our rivals. Just a thought.....
  3. Yes, Sling TV is on the Roku stick. Along with pretty much every app you could want.
  4. Works outstanding on Roku. Just like any other TV app.
  5. That's not true, at all.
  6. He was gone for awhile around the 4th. Before and after.
  7. Says alot about the group you hang out with. Doesn't speak to anything other than that.
  8. Not really but....cool.
  9. So UND was third in all of FCS to offer it. How lazy.
  10. How is that "late"? He was talking about FCOA as it relates to all of college athletics, not universities in North Dakota.
  11. Late to the party with FCOA?
  12. Reeeaaarrrrr. Somebody needs the season to get here!
  13. Schobert was a walk-on and technically not binded to UND. Larson is.
  14. 2. If Grady gets in shape. Rooney is our best center.