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  1. 2018 Season

    The opposite. They have 3-4 options at the line for each play and they must check to the right one. As they do that the OL/TE must check immediately as well. Too many variables in a short time to play fast, IMO. Audibles are a part of football but when they change every week it has to bog down the players eventually.
  2. 2018 Season

    It's too complicated, which in football is bad. Really bad. Way too many variables built in.
  3. 2018 Season

    There is a real possibility this is grades related just like Z. Williams a few years ago. The timing lends to that, also. Not 100% sure obviously but been told that may be the reason. Too bad, the kid is a solid football player.
  4. McGarry caught in a little fib via the Herald: "(Kennedy) refused to have a meeting with me," she said to the Herald on May 9. "I said let's meet anytime in April or May, I'm open—he said, 'I'm not—not available.'" Emails show a Kennedy assistant offering meeting dates April 12-13, 19-24 and May 1. McGarry's representative responded that McGarry would be out of town during the dates suggested.
  5. Think you guys are getting a bit unrailed now. Stay focused.
  6. Plus, was UND D2 when the contract was written? Budget changed since then I believe.
  7. Where to eat in Grand Forks.

    Evy at The Grinder Shop out in Bismarck had it perfected. Better bread, twice the meat, exact same sauces.
  8. It's almost like a few things have changed in the last 17 years. Huh
  9. Seems to me that people are starting to realize why Kennedy wanted to negotiate things. Whether he said stuff wrong is not the point. She is using his reactions and phrasing as a distraction to the real issues. The contracts are not what they should be.
  10. 2018-19 Season

    From what I was told Davidson was only a shooting coach. No recruiting or scouting. WTF? They will be just fine without him.
  11. Ralph should have been praising Wanless because he was the reason they won the 1997 National title that put the program back on top. Made a pretty good hire, plucking a guy from high school, IIRC. Telling Gino to move on was the best move in recent UND hockey history but I don't think Ralph saw it that way, for whatever reason. Just my opinion.
  12. 2018 UND Recruiting

    I am certainly not a graphic designer and you must know more than I. Looks OK, decent.
  13. UND Budget Cuts

    I would love to hear more about the Title IX situation at UND, I mean, since your wife is a lawyer and everything. Run some scenarios for us with football being cut but adding no other sports.
  14. UND Budget Cuts

    Uh oh...womens hockey fan/staff alert! Is that you BobHawks4?
  15. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Especially the OL. They have done average work there.