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  1. Pretty safe bet. Wonder where? I see Minot State Football is following him now on Twitter and he's doing same..
  2. Any chance that S&D filed it? Wonder if a third party lib crusader filed it on behalf of the teams.....
  3. Yah, OFF season workouts, who cares. Try being the Baseball team and finding out during your season. Can you imagine the outrage if they cut it during the WH season?
  4. Maybe they are just working on the specifics for Jones and his assistants.
  5. Hold the phone....you think hockey is more popular than baseball or even close?
  6. Will UND WH ever receive "adequate funding"? Are they f@cking kidding? LOL
  7. A great guy who is as honest as the day is long?
  8. I forgot "point to something extremely unimportant that was collateral damage from the real issue and make it be the issue".
  9. Pretty obvious what the twins playbook consists of now. When they want to push an issue they go straight to twitter, start a hash tag, talk about a sexist comment they "heard", talk about how women are getting hosed when it comes to everything, ever, try to appeal to as many women's rights crusaders as possible, use Title IX alot, use "fair and equitable" alot, and then keep on doing it over and over. In this day and age nobody is going to argue because it's the right thing to do. They are "taking a stand".
  10. Is there a sport that is as delusional about their importance/relevance in the world today as Women's Hockey is? Really simple question. BTW, I heard Idalski said he could probably get 1-2 million in donations if that would buy them some time. My response: where was that the entire 10 years you were here? He didn't raise a nickel in 10 years and now he can get 2 million dollars? Level of intelligence we are dealing with here.
  11. Yet another letter to the editor today. Truly amazing how many people care about UND Women's Hockey.
  12. Take another break.
  13. Exactly. Starting to catch on......