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  1. Fun game to follow today. Life goes on.
  2. Tremendous pass by Keller. Tremendous.
  3. Wow.....congratulations to the NCAA officials yet again....yet again....
  4. LET'S GO SIOUX!!!!!!!
  5. So you're telling me there's a chance!
  6. Can't stand Ciskie. Trying to rationalize a goon making a goon play isn't worth the oxygen or ink. If he knew anything about hockey he'd know that his team gets away with loads of obstruction crap and then they blow up (Tonninato) when it gets called. They make up for it though with a unique diving ability. Sad part is they are loaded with talent, and probably have the deepest team in the country.
  7. Three open nets missed. UND played a nearly perfect game to beat them.
  8. Denver Pioneers.....your 2017 NCAA national champions.
  9. There are a number of head shots he will get to answer for. Hope for his sake he can fight.
  10. Classy group. Post that on twitter.
  11. Look at the game winning goal. Tonninato for Duluth is holding Shaw's stick when puck is going to the corner. Shaw should have dove like: Miska, Osterberg, Raskob etc.... Pionk laughing after he ran the goalie makes Duluth morons who think he shouldn't have gotten a game suspension even more wrong.
  12. My wife was astounded that I was laughing at the TV when UND went down 5-3 in the last minute of the game. I couldn't take the Duluth diving anymore....
  13. It's one or the other. Play hard and cheap, or lame and dive. You can't do both because it makes you less classless than you already are.....
  14. If not us, Denver. I have so much respect for coach Montgomery and the class his program plays with since he took over. UND and Denver have great battles on the ice with almost zero crap since he got there. They would have been last on my list years ago, but not anymore.
  15. If the tournament moves to the X they'll still play chingy and fiddy cent between whistles right? You know, real hockey music?