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  1. I think the USHL is the right place for him. In all honesty the kid should have played in the USHL the natty season, but the coaches really had no clue what they'd be getting with Cam after Zane left and I'd be willing to bet they all thought they'd eventually have to turn to Matej full time that season. Get a year of games in Waterloo, and if it's right for him come back to Grand Forks with two years of eligibility remaining. If it doesn't work out, best of luck elsewhere.
  2. Awesome to hear that he wants to make a difference for kids on the reservation.
  3. Costello to play in the USHL all season next year in Des Moines.
  4. Imagine the group we could have had this season..... Boeser-Schmaltz-Jost Pogo-LJ-Rhett Gersich-Hoff-Janatuinen Bowen-Simo-Olson Stecher-Ausmus Poolman-Ladue Thompson-Poolman Ufff........
  5. I think our group will be tough next year, but if Denver returns: Gambrell, Terry, Borgstrom, and Jaillet they've got to be the favorite in the NCHC, and likely ranked number one in the early polls (means nothing....I know....) If our great players hadn't been great last year at the F4 (quote Monty) Denver may have already had their back to back. Take the money Monty.....Florida is definitely a hockey state....defenitely.
  6. Denver could have a great year next year if the right pieces fall in place. If Monty comes back you're looking at another Denver back to back. If Monty leaves you watch those guys take off for greener (pun intended) pastures. Monty is the key....so yes, I'd like to see him go to Florida.
  7. Monty knows that Borgstrom is likely NHL ready, and wherever he goes the kid will likely follow. IMHO don't think he's trying to get himself an extension at Denver. He is just being brutally honest with departures if he leaves.
  8. Kawaguchi has just been unreal this postseason.....Schloss just tweeted he has been in on his team's last 9 goals.
  9. I have a feeling Guentzel will just never get that job.....ever......
  10. Agreed. Give it a few years and he becomes the HC at Minnesota.
  11. It's official. NMU just posted it on Twitter that he is the new guy in charge.
  12. No returning captains that need to be restrained by officials.....uffda.....no blatant goalie runners......
  13. Strib makes it sound like a done deal.
  14. Keep em coming Duluth. Anderson or Tufte can go next.
  15. Miska was the reason Duluth was in that championship game. Kid was great all season long, and saved his team's bacon in Fargo when Ohio State was rolling. Being 21 years old and coming off a season that literally nobody in America saw coming the time was right for him to take the money and run. All eyes to Pionk now.