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  1. OT!
  2. No arguments here. Even if they could have filled half of the lower bowl they probably would have been spared.
  3. True of any sport. I remember going to football games late and getting front row seats in the student section during the transition years, even in the year we won a conference championship.
  4. We have rivals in both leagues. Ultimately it will come down to money. Kennedy can't afford any extra costs at this point. That being said, if the offer was going to come this year, I think the Big Ten would have made it before we cuts sports. Now this will probably become a recurring question every year until the Big Ten is at 8.
  5. Did you really make a post about someone down voting you? Grow up and get some thicker skin.
  6. I wonder if, when they started the "Wings Up" campaign, they had stated specifically that sports would be cut if enough money wasn't raised, if people would have donated more money? Itmay not have mattered considering the problem would be an annual budget issue but I have to wonder why the admisistration wasn't more straightforward about the issue. Also, S&D raised the most in the "Wings Up" campaign (granted only 22K). One more reason they have to be more upset about being cut than Women's Hockey.
  7. Then stop reading the thread...
  8. The only source I've found is one journalist for the Gopher's magazine. Everyone else is citing him and stating their opinions.
  9. I don't know that Montgomery will get an NHL offer. What happened to Hak is so rare there are no living coaches who have gone straight from an NCAA head coach to an NHL head coach and if I were Montgomery, I wouldn't leave for anything less considering the job security of successful NCAA coaches.
  10. Yes charter services are...but not if you own the pilots and the plane. It should dramatically cut down on the costs.
  11. Hopefully someone has more knowledge on this than me...but it's always seemed to me that we have a major aviation school. Why not buy a big plane and have the Instructor Pilots take turns flying the teams around. Through a senior student on the flight too if need be.
  12. My bad. I thought Finland had upset Canada instead of Russia. Wouldn't really call that an upset actually, which is probably why the hype confused me. Your point is made.
  13. Considering Canada didn't make the final and the USA had to go to OT, I'm not sure how you claim to your "revamp." I agree the sport needs to be more competitive...and have checking...but upsets breed improvement for the sport. Same reason UCONN losing was good for women's NCAA basketball.
  14. Few people seem to get that all of these cuts are ultimately on the state government. I'm not a resident and I won't tell anyone how to vote or what's best for their stare. But anyone who wants to save women's hockey and/or S&D should be complaining to their congressmen and govenor, not to the school or media.
  15. That's actually a good point. If they did somehow save the program (doubtful) he'd likely be viewed as a hero and the school would be forced to extend his contract.