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  1. Same people the Indian names have white lawyers who aren't affiliated with the names in any way.
  2. And yet, somehow Fighting Irish, Padres and Demon Deacons are ok.
  3. And about 1000 of those comments are people high fiving each other over being right about their predictions and/or how glad they are that the sport is gone. Another 500 comments are from people criticizing the twins or Brad Schlossman. Then the remaining 200 or so comments are from people who actually liked women's hockey.
  4. I've always felt that was relatively clear.
  5. I wasn't saying the cost of the name change alone cost UND 2 million a year. But everything can snowball quickly. You have the actual costs of all the committees and cost of the logo firm and then there are the annual loses in licensing and fundraising. And yes, I know we were forced to retire the name, but the way the new Fighting Hawks name and logo was forced onto the school that was already having budget issues made many alumni and donors that much more unhappy, thus making fundraising even harder. Given all of those factors I don't think it's unreasonable to believe that we may have been able to save some of the sports if the Fighting Hawks name hadn't been forced onto us.
  6. I agree with this 100% even going a few years back. For those who were paying attention to the state budget, the cutting of a few sports was obvious. But this probably isn't true of the vast majority. If they had blatantly said we need to raise $XM dollars to avoid cutting sports/majors I bet they could have saved some teams and degrees. Of course, if they hadn't wasted the money on the new name and logo, they may have been able to raise enough money to keep all of the teams.
  7. The S&D team had some make the Olympic trials. So they almost had an Olympian :-)
  8. I meant in reference to the article. You post was fine.
  9. That's a bit of an understatement there. If a school is ready to make the jump then they should. Waiting for 7 other schools to upgrade their facilities so the whole conference can move up could take decades.
  10. As a meteorologist, I actually prefer Sundogs to Fighting Hawks.
  11. To be fair the S&D team had some championships as a DII program. Haven't done much at D1.
  12. OT!
  13. No arguments here. Even if they could have filled half of the lower bowl they probably would have been spared.
  14. True of any sport. I remember going to football games late and getting front row seats in the student section during the transition years, even in the year we won a conference championship.
  15. We have rivals in both leagues. Ultimately it will come down to money. Kennedy can't afford any extra costs at this point. That being said, if the offer was going to come this year, I think the Big Ten would have made it before we cuts sports. Now this will probably become a recurring question every year until the Big Ten is at 8.