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  1. Sounds like you didn't get a ticket for the game in Fargo?
  2. We're (UND fans) going to be buying his tickets for the Saturday game, that's the high road.
  3. When this season started, I was hoping, we would not meet Boston U in the playoffs, they had so much young talent. As the season progressed, I began hoping we would somehow make it to Fargo, As February passed, I was really hoping we would make it to Fargo. Well we are here, and so is Boston U. Win or loose, the Fighting Hawks showed up for the NCAA's with a very respectable team, and have a good shot at a win this afternoon. Go UND!
  4. BurntBoats = some of our friends to the south, that heve been kicked off of message boards
  5. Ya, that's a winner, was there for that one. Watched the replay clip several hundred times. Our GF guy Ryan Potulny loses the puck and the Saints take it the distance for the game winner in OT. The crowd goes nuts, Holy Cross never had that many fans cheering for them, they were on cloud 9. I can draw a potential similarity from the fans in that game to the crowd in the tonight game giving the Dogs hell.
  6. That was a great read this morning of a big game, Thank You!
  7. It would still be a great fit, probably even better, the Bizon are arrogant and slipping. We joined for many better reasons rather than because the Aggies are in these conferences. The SD's have there fill of MooU and are in a get even with them mode. Give you one example, last year the week of at the SD FB game, the Bye-son wanted to bring in their own TV network, SD didn't want to let them in, Bissons cried to the MVFC and they got their way, really pissed SD off. Their administration and ADept's aren't what they were like before they left Div II. Cow Cawledge thinks their cowsh$t don't stink and by the way isn't going anywhere, and needs to be taught some lessons and we'll be there to help. You ever wonder why the U presidents of the Summit & MVFC all voted in favor of us joining? That would of never happened a year earlier! It got to the point where the Pres. B. couldn't be a lone vote against us, that would of been suicide for him and not good for SU in terms of ND legislative support.
  8. 6 Hrs 2 go, Traffic on interstate 29 heading S of GF is getting pretty busy. Go Hawks!
  9. And there would be many willing Boston fans, flying in Sat if they could get a ticket.
  10. That is true.
  11. Wasn't Pres. Chapman also involved in building that WALL on the north side of NDSU campus?
  12. You were right in December at the Hawks' Nest on the Danny Rocco move to Delaware, hope your right again, this time at Scheel's Arena and see Jost live on Saturday.
  13. We do need more teams, ask the B1G?
  14. There's a real serious hockey game in 18 hours in Fargo. Next week or so, Pres. Kennedy will lay out a plan that is lawyer-ed up Title IX compliant.
  15. Is Jones working on future schedules and recruiting? or just waiting on Pres. Kennedy's athletic announcements?