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  1. Gopher ticket price predictions

    It'll be a sell out with the biggest take ever for The Ralph. Tickets have $99 printed on them for each night. Secondary market will be a game changer.
  2. What do you think of the logo now??

    My daughter bought me a couple of logos from the Bookstore.
  3. Where to eat in Grand Forks.

  4. University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    Conf Div # Commits Total Stars Star Avg Points Rank Team Conference Division # of Commits Total Stars Star Average Points 1 North Dakota | 2017 NCHC 1 8 34 4.25 1135.53 2 Boston University | 2017 Hockey East 1 9 38 4.22 1098.84 3 UMass Amherst | 2017 Hockey East 1 13 49.5 3.81 1091.47 4 Minnesota | 2017 Big 10 1 7 30 4.29 1000.48 5 Denver | 2017 NCHC 1 9 36.25 4.03 884.57
  5. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    Jost (wait a minute, he left) got my season tickets in the mail, can't wait to play these gopher divers. The MN tickets have $99 printed on them. Saturday tickets have $10 higher price than Friday's..
  6. Revenge of the Mystery Raffle

    Can I email you a $5 bill?
  7. SiouxSports Logo

    There was an organization of UND student sports fans called the Golden Feathers. Had black letterman coats with a Golden Feather.
  8. 2017 Season

    Just got mine, FB & MH pretty excited.
  9. 2017 Season

    Haven't received mine yet.
  10. SiouxSports Logo

    So then we can shot arrows at the NCAA from this site? Your feather might not work on a arrow, looks a little cumbersome. I see the siouxsports.com on the feather, but there's a lot of feather there, what's the meaning to the rest of it, looks like it might take a book to describe it all? The golden feather that UND swept under the carpet around 1970 looked pretty simple, but had pages of meaning to it. I can't even imagine what all this means.
  11. Jerseys

    ArchyAlum11 has a point. "The pigeon patch." That is pretty weak. Not good for the U, something a Troll would put on the end of an arrow and shoot at us.
  12. SiouxSports Logo

  13. 2017 Attendance

    And there are not that many left at the 10 yard line. Pretty good for the season not starting yet. Won't be long and the 4 corners will all that'll be left for a group.
  14. Where to eat in Grand Forks.

    And when I came to college 20 years before that, it was a pretty popular place to go. Especially with ND closed on Sundays. Both states had a drinking age of 21 years old.
  15. What do you think of the logo now??

    Your pretty good with the key strokes!