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  1. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Minnesota

    Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but now during the season after UND and Midco made their deal, isn't this all Midco? and then whatever other broadcasting company they may choose or may not choose to deal with? This is out of U of MN controll.
  2. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Minnesota

    We were fortunate to have him when we did, Thx Blaiser!
  3. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    Wisco should be, they have more recruits than dairy cows.
  4. 2017 Attendance

    Ticket sales are stagnant this week. Who would of taught that? Hoping for a good walk on. If the 3 student sections fill, could be respectable.
  5. 2017 Season

    update ?
  6. New AD wish list

    I've mentioned this in years past, "The trailer park on Univeristy Aveunue (west) is ripe for the plucking." BUT, now having Ray Richards Golf Course available as a potential site for a FB stadium and other future buildings/needs has more potential --- academic buildings, dorms, close to steam plant, plant services buildings, and etc. #1, UND already owns the land. #2, this land is adjacent to UND's main campus to the south, except for a narrow strip which includes Demers Ave and RR tracks. I always cringe when someone talks about selling that golf course land. UND will need this land years down the road, a sale here would be a big long term mistake. Usually a bad practice to sell off your stuff when times aren't so good. There could be a walk way built over the tracks and Demers Ave, like going south of Wilkerson Hall complexes.
  7. Future Schedules

    REA --> UND after 30 years, which started just after start of this century. UND owns land, REA the improvement thereon. Thanks Ralph Engelstad and family.
  8. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Minnesota

    Or the Riverqueen, McGuires, Up Town, Bronze Booth, Dacotah Motor Hotel - Red Garter Cocktail Lounge, Frontier, Club 81, Matts, Red Barn, Ryan Hotel, Oasis, Office, High Lander, Skipper Kellys, Loft, Frenchys, El Roco, VFW, Belmont Liquors, KCs, Elks, Westward Ho, Johnnys by ball park, Daimond, Legion, Crown Colony, Charlie Browns, Big Daddys, Dennys, Bun Lounge, McMenamy's Tavern, Hub Bar, Peanut Bar, Down and Under, Columbia Liquires, Right Spot, Chets, and of coarse Judys. Have to take a breather before I jump to the east side.
  9. Saturday Sioux/Gophers 2 tickets

    Try UNDerground
  10. October 2017 Announcement

    I think this is an excellent move for UND with Faison being 67. Get a new dynamic AD in place for the transitioning into the 2 new leagues. Maybe even an AD without front teeth that would know how to get us in the future Premiere Hockey League, just kidding on last sentence, can't have 2 ND's in same conference, NCAA won't allow it!!!
  11. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Minnesota

    Most that charge a little will give you a drink. I have a parking pass but take the bus occasionally. They are well worth the convenience. You get dropped off, with a very short walk to the door and after the game you walk back to the bus.
  12. October 2017 Announcement

    Sorry, with the press jumping into open records laws so much now a days, not happening. What will happen more is this oral meeting without text, emailing, notes, minutes, videos, and so on. Actually, these oral meetings might be a good thing, some of the stuff is just better said than put in Tom Miller's article.
  13. October 2017 Announcement

    Again, he is 67. Perfect timing. New AD by Jan 1st.
  14. October 2017 Announcement

    How many more years do you think he should of stayed on as AD? With the nickname changed, conference moves agreed to, certain sports cut, newer buildings, the timing is perfect. UND will move forward. Next man up.
  15. New AD wish list

    What is Faison's salary?