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  1. What a coin flip, give me a break, the state legislature is way out of bounds on this, don't they have a full enough of a plate with the financial challenges in this state. This reminds me of the ND Attorney General siouxing the NCAA over the SIOUX name and logo. What other U in the country would have their state attorney general file suit? None, the U would handle it themselves. UND and NDSU, together should put this to sleep, maybe by permanently awarding it to the school that wins the first MVFC game, since it was awarded at the annual conference game? That would be fair in that the schedule is not out yet and therefore the home team is unknown. The Nickel does not belong in Bismarck, it should be on one of the campuses.
  2. That debacle as you say was a complete embarrassment for ND. At the time I was already slowly becoming a fan of the Fighting Hawks name and logo, but during those protests is when I gave up on the SIOUX, especially being Standing Rock didn't help us with retaining the SIOUX name years ago. Sure I have lots of UND apparel, and will still wear them, but more for like memory of some great times (not for like some sign of protest) while supporting the Hawks. When the new name first came out and later the logo, I had some negative comments. Now, it's growing on me and I can say I accept it. Time will heal the wound from the name and logo change for many, UND is more important that the logo.
  3. If the B1G goes into another funk, that is not good for college hockey. They seem to be in a rebound and have led average home attendance again. Opposing fans see the stands at their playoffs and think it's like that every game. The B1G has made some interesting improvements this season with Ohio St and Pen St and next year Notre Dame comming in.
  4. The B1G is slowly getting better. I felt we had a chance about being asked to get in, but doesn't seem to be in the cards?
  5. And I watched that trio loose in St. Lious.
  6. Some of you need to take a break and go fishing!!! You might learn to troll and then do it on a different board. Final year in Big Sky coming, should be exciting!
  7. I'm planning on driving, we need a good turnout. This could be a tough game as a visitor after last years huge come back over SD in GF.
  8. There was a pool in the Fieldhouse before they added the pool you are talking about. Those BB games with SU in the Fieldhouse were something to die for back in the day. Many standing room only attendees at the games. SU always had a large section on one end. The two fan bases under one roof was a treat, that's probably the part I miss the most.
  9. The vote can be in favor to keep it over and over, but in these situations, once the vote goes the other way, it's over for good.
  10. That was the start to bottled water for me and now it's everywhere!
  11. That was the biggest spanking I ever got. And ya, it sure doesn't seem like 20 years ago. Those free meals were very good and much appreciated!
  12. stat·ute of lim·i·ta·tions I missed a t. That is pretty good to find something on Seinfeld that makes this case. Siouxphan27, you made me laugh, like many times before. I admire your humor, you are good!
  13. Just keep swinging away.
  14. Not just fans, people are scratching their head, the TWINS?
  15. If St. Louis wins? That should set some precedence? Maybe Minn can sure the NHL for losing the North Stars? I don't think statue of limitations runs out on things like this and murder?