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  1. All that stress you held in, and now you will watch the Bizon slip.
  2. It does grow on ya!
  3. 42nd needed a overpass, underpass, or something way back when the Columbia Road overpass was built.
  4. Not a cowtown, Fargo had the stockyards and auction barn. More like Agricultural town. It was definitely a challenge to get across the tracks.
  5. The construction of the Columbia Road overpass by campus went to the polls multiple times, starting with a few no vote victories. On it's first to build victory, it is was voted in a single lane each way, and initially built that way..
  6. I remember when Miller Lite came out. Most laughed at it and it's watered down taste, me included. Less calories and less filling slowly grew a fan base. Today I do make some heavier beers, but generally drink Bud Light which helps me stick around for the final buzzer.
  7. Congratulations Sicatoka. Ray, it was fun keeping track of your scores.
  8. I used to be a UND Sioux name and logo supporter. Now, I can't wait for it to end (sure officially it's the Fighting Hawks), mostly because it seems to have created and continues to create divisions among us. What other schools / fans say about our name / logo change is minuscule compared to our divisions. The UND Flickertail faithfuls had some resistance, but not at this level. DaveK, Super Dave, Roosevelt83, speed kills, kevad, Dave, Roosey, may all be the same person; but he is not alone in abandoning the Flagship. Yes, the State vote to retire the Fighting Sioux Nickname was 5 years ago; and today the wife and I each received a letter from UND Foundation for supporting the U. Outside of athletics, we have not contributed to the Flagship in the past 5 years. Today we each took out an oar and helped with a small financial donation.
  9. And, their coaches are so good.... It could be a close game!
  10. Siouxphan27, you get another "A". You come up dandies!!!
  12. The Bizon got Stormed in 2020 at the Hawk's Nest.
  13. 2 things this bus trip reminds me of, it goes by the campus of the team that SD beat 2 years ago and starts on the campus of the team that beat SD in a wild come from behind win last year.
  14. Bernstine slipped away, ouch. We need to get that coaching contract taken care of.
  15. I still expect that dominant Denver team to loose some players.