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  1. Cheering for Oshie and his boys now!
  2. Nevermind, ha. Just did a wikipedia check and according to TV views, the top 5 in USA in order is 1) Football 2) Basketball 3)Baseball 4)Soccer 5) Ice hockey. Soccer and hockey are very close in number of views. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sports_in_the_United_States
  3. believe it or not I think NASCAR is up there in the top 5
  4. 6*
  5. 1 full scholarship divided among 3 or so players
  6. WowZa. Whine and fuss all you want on social media, but these girls are taking it to a new level. Put the emotions aside and look at the numbers, inform-ya-self.
  7. UND Club team played a few games this year, saw it on their FB page
  8. WH and Wsoftball
  9. So what "hockey-only fans" still hold onto the Sioux logo- it was engraved in them years and years of supporting their team. It's easier said than done to just get over a passion. It will be a long time before people are going to change, who cares
  10. 5-3 UND, open netter at the end. The young BU team will come out nervous and our experience will prevail!!
  11. "Be F-Hawk-ing smart about it"
  12. Alerus Financial- great run bank Alerus Center- not so great run event center For some people who don't know its' separate entities that run it, it may give the bank a bad rep Hopefully a new management system can turn that place around
  13. I went to the 2015 regional with a student SRO ticket. We got to the doors about a half hour before they opened them, so about 2 hours. We got on the glass right off the bottom of the stairs and it was probably the best option if someone had to run to the restroom quick. People were pretty respectful about letting them back to their spots. I did watch the other games from the top riser of the bleachers( i think they are 3 or 4 levels?) and that was a great view as well. It was a fun atmosphere mixing some students and adults together, fun times and crazy loud!!
  14. no such thing as a stupid question
  15. That's exactly what my thinking was. We came into the NCHC tourney with an underdog attitude and played the best we have all year. Being overlooked in this tourney may be a good thing for us