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  1. At least this time they aren't doing any damage
  2. I read the Forum occasionally and they often print coverage of UND sports and there will always be some crossover between the two papers. We need to remember that there are many UND fans around Fargo and some NDSU fans in NE ND. Four days in a row does seem like a lot though
  3. the throw in a good dragging for free
  4. These increased season ticket sales may grow into something but they need to charge more and require champions club membership, I'm sure that is the plan going forward and it'll help a lot if we get another strong season out of the team as people won't be as likely to jump ship because of an increase in the next years fees.
  5. Perhaps they could use a room from the new med school building for their luxury lounge as it looks a little over built and we'd be getting the state to flip the bill there
  6. It will help for atmosphere and to keep building the program but at $80/season ticket it won't be enough money to raise salaries.
  7. This^^^^^^. tremendous accomplishment, but lets not be done yet
  8. I believe it is 20% for all schools
  9. Good point. I think it's 20% for everyone
  10. Yes they should. All universities have such people simply because they have too. Donors and potential donors don't have to write any checks if they choose not too. It's not like an appropriation. These have to be schmoozed a little
  11. Yes, not to hard to read this one
  12. Sorry if this has been covered but why didn't we grab that big kid from minot, Cook?
  13. I heard they still have some but it is the John Wayne type.
  14. You are a dreamer with this post. The fargo dome isn't expandable. Just ask some real engineers, it'd cost more than building new. As to the money part, the facility is owned by the city and they are maxed out on taxes and have flood protection expenditures staring them in the face. The state won't pay for it. There would be a need to raise at least another 10 million per year to go fbs and I doubt it is doable. The MWC and sunbelt or any g5 doesn't generate enough media revenue to offset this. I admire your optimism though
  15. Yet we continue to reelect them. ugh!