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Best Sioux Player


Who is the best Sioux player?  

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  1. 1. Who is the best Sioux player?

    • 1. Brandon Bochenski
    • 2. David Lundbohm
    • 3. Zach Parise
    • 4. David Hale
    • 5. Andy Schneider
    • 6. Kevin Spiewak
    • 7. Jason Notermann
    • 8. Chris Leinweber

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Well it's hard to compare forwards and defensemen, but in the past few games, my vote goes to Jake Brandt. He's playing unbelievable right now, and that's good, considering we are heading to the big dance :) But we can't win games when we score 1 goal. We need guys like Massen and Notterman and Fylling to step up right now.

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Whooooooosh. "I voted for Vanek" - it was a joke. I didn't expect rockhead to get it but Scmitty..... ;):D

I did vote however, for David Hale. It's no coincidence UND's late season slide coincided with Hale's absence.

I have never been overly "swift" on Sunday mornings so I am not surprised that it went over my head, but lumping in with Siouxrock, that is simply not right! :)

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Bochenski is a fantastic player. However, it's clear that Zach Parise is a man amongst boys on the ice. He sees things before they happen and is truely special. I'm a bit surprised at how tough he is on the ice as well. I went to the Badger series in Madison a few weeks ago (I grew up in Grand Forks and now reside in Wisconsin). The Badgers kept that thug, Winchester, on him the entire series. Zach held his own and got a few shots in while giving up about 50 pounds.

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I think that Uncle David :D is the best player but I voted for Bochenksi! :lol: I only voted for Boche cuz he is my favorite player and I figured that David was gunna get all the votes! I didn't think that Parise was gunna get as many votes as he has been getting cuz I thought everyone knew that David was the best! Zach is a remarkable player but I don't think he is best player material quite yet. I do, however, think he was ROY material!

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