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You're never getting into the Mid-Con...


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The Summit League has elected Gigi Spinazze of Saratoga as president. Vice president is Linda Cosentini, also of Saratoga, while Saratogan Danny Swanson takes over duties of treasurer.

Is this the new conference? :silly: Sorry, but that was the first hit in Google. Maybe it will grow on me, but my first take is ..uh...no.

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... because it sounds like they'll be announcing a name change to the "Summit League" on May 15th.

Like it? Hate it? Don't care?

What was wrong with "Mid-Con"? I suppose some administrator will get a big raise for his or her "vision".

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Maybe they are trying to honor Pat Summit.

I heard they really wanted to be the Horizon (taken) so they settled on the next available geographically ambiguous conference name...Summit. Next up...Valley.

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Summit League? What the hell is that even supposed to mean?

Maybe it's named after Summit Brewing Company. Which would mean that UND is a shoo-in for membership, since Mark Stutrud, founder of the Summit Brewing, is a UND grad. :ohmy:

Just having some fun with 'SU's

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