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  1. http://www.inforum.com/event/article/id/364024/ Congratulations guys!
  2. DIII athletic departments are not allowed to provide any scholarship equivalencies of aid to student athletes. That's a philosophical pillar of the division. However, that certainly does not mean that individual institutions can not provide financial aid to their students, in the form of grants that are funded by endowed gifts from alumni, businesses, etc. Therefore, a DIII student athlete can receive financial aid from the institution like any regular student. It just so happens that some student athletes are "more eligible", shall we say, than the rest of the student body to receive the a
  3. Looks like this will be a pretty good series of posts, the first one of which I mostly agree: http://www.bringonthecats.com/2012/5/28/3047659/conference-realignment-why-is-this-happening-post-1
  4. Except for the fact that they're in the Tier 1 now, if only technically, because of the automatic slot in a BCS bowl for the Big East champion at the end of the 2012 and 2013 seasons. 2014 and beyond though, yes the Big East football conference will definitely be in tier 2 with CUSA, MAC, ACC, Sun Belt, Mountain West and the WAC if it survives. I do believe FCS conferences will remain in tier 3.
  5. In case you haven't followed the updates recently - it's the Big XII that's going to be the survivor, not the ACC. This might be surprising unless you consider that the king of college athletics spending, Texas, is still in the Big XII. And Oklahoma ain't bad either, although it comes from a much less influential state. The Big XII and the SEC have made an announcement that they're teaming up to form a compliment bowl to the Rose bowl, which is between the B1G and the Pac 12 and also to be played on Jan 1. In my thinking (and some others as well), it sets up the following scenario nice
  6. Not to mention that the rule isn't enforced now, anyway. They're never going to kick Eastern Michigan out of FBS.
  7. Idaho to the Big Sky for non-football makes sense. They won't join for football. The AD listed the top 4 priorities and moving football back to FCS was the bottom one. Big Sky would be smart to let them in as non-football members because it then at least keeps the door open for Idaho's return to FCS if they decide that FBS independent isn't working out.
  8. The Big Sky could still lose a couple members, but not anything that will threaten the conference's automatic births to NCAA post season tournaments. I can see Sac St going to the Big West, in other words getting the same deal that UC Davis and Cal Poly got. Football in the Big Sky and all other sports in the California bus league (Big West). I could also see Portland State eventually moving up to FBS and possibly joining the WAC basketball league, if it survives. Otherwise, a very outside shot at a Mountain West invite if Boise or San Diego St don't stay in the MW and they need to get t
  9. I bet you anything there are people who will vote no because they don't want the federal government interferring with their lives.......because they think the NCAA is part of the federal government. I don't live in ND, nor am I a UND alumni...but if I could I would absolutely vote yes. For nothing more than because the political science behind the law is garbage.
  10. If enough petitions are signed and the state supreme court doesn't rule against it - why can't a vote on amending the constitution take place? How could that be overruled?
  11. Can't this just be settled out of court?
  12. It doesn't matter if NDSU actually "needs" a dedicated indoor field facility or if they can get by with the Fargodome. Perception is entirely what sells recruits on a college football program. I don't know how to explain this to you so you'll understand, maybe you won't budge anyway. But I guarantee you that if you take a tour of NDSU's football facilities in 5 years (assuming nothing new is built other than the indoor track and the BSA renovation) and then tour UND's facilities in 5 years (assuming the IPF is built) - you're going to say to yourself "wow...this IPF is such a nice faci
  13. So is there anything to talk about until the vote actually happens?
  14. Well, for what it's worth, if the Pac-12, Big Ten and SEC wanted to leave the NCAA and form their own, private association - they could do that just fine. They'd not only survive, they'd make as much money as they do now. And they could get their bowls sponsored by whomever they please. UND is totally dependent on the NCAA. Unless they wanted to make the hockey team private, sort've like how Shattuck is to Minnesota high schools. Something like that.
  15. This doesn't directly affect FCS schools, but I have to think there will be an indirect effect - especially for those seeking to move up to the FBS subdivision. http://www.usatoday....enario_st_u.htm One thing that's cemented, in my mind: there will no longer be automatic qualififiers for the champions of the six "BCS conferences". Those days are done. The only automatic tie-ins will be via contract. For example, I can't see any scenario in which the Rose Bowl will not be a game between a Pac-12 team and a Big Ten team. The BCS has mucked that up five times in recent history. It's g
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