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The Best Hockey Song


What is your favorite chant/song that they do at games?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite chant/song that they do at games?

    • 1. The Beer Song
    • 2. The Hey Song
    • 3. F*** The-(team name)(sung to "Oh, My Darlin")
    • 4. The Sieve Cheer
    • 5. Who's He? He Sucks S***!

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We heard "I Wanna Drive the Zamboni" during the resurfacing of the ice after the third period both Saturday and Sunday night.

What strikes me as odd is that students will sing "In Heaven There Is No Beer" at the top of their lungs and even do the ridiculous Chicken Dance yet are too cool to learn the words to "Fight On Sioux" or "Stand Up and Cheer." For my money, I think "Fight On Sioux" is a great fight song, one that's uniquely own own. Pity more people don't get into it.

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I agree students should learn the songs, but UND really doesn't put much effort toward teaching the songs at all it seems. I learned it on my own. Not from UND or from other students. Maybe I'm completely wrong, but I always assumed that schools actively tried to teach the school song to it's students. Why don't other people sing along though either? Sure the students don't do a very good job of it, but I'm pretty sure "Stand up and Cheer" doesn't offend even the grumpiest of the old fogies. So you guys should be doing your part too! :D

Singing the beer song about six times in a row at the top of your lungs at the old Ralph cause the Sioux made another 3rd period comeback against the Goofers, totally great.

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When I was a kid in the 50's and 60's my dad would take me to the games at the "old barn". The Phi Delt pep band would march in playing "When the Saints Come Marching In" and the student section would go nuts! At the time I thought that must be the school song! They would follow that up with the "Beer Barrell Polka" and again the students went crazy. Could it have been that the "anti-freeze" inside their wine skins was influencing their behavior?


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"Fight on Sioux" without a doubt. The band should play it as often as possible and the lyrics should be displayed on the facia ring. Years ago, they'd play it by starting out very slowly, then slowly picking up the tempo over what seemed to be several minutes. By the end, the whole arena was in a frenzy.

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