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Yeah, Al's got some jack too. Neuharth Media Center, kinda hard to miss that building.

I know Joe Robbie was instumental in the funding for the DakotaDome, I wonder if his estate has anything to do with the university. I think it is safe to say that all 4 of our institutions with their 100+ year history have had alumns that have done well for themselves.

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Anyone who thinks the SU's are going to leave the mid con in 2-5 years is forgetting one thing: they agreed to an early termination fee of something like $500,000 if they leave in less then 8 years. I realize a half a million bucks isn't what it used to be, but considering how they flinched over paying an up front initiation fee, they aren't going anywhere. Heck, they'll be waiting for us with open arms when we come calling to join.

Sorry, but if you don't think the SU's would pay 500,000 to get into the missouri Valley, you're crazy. I doubt that they get into the mo valley, but its not going to be because of money. Both of those schools would do almost anything to join an elite mid-major like the mo. valley.

And a conference at 10 members waiting with open arms for UND and USD? I think not.

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Why is 10 better than 12?

See, you've got it backwards there. I don't need to prove why 10 is better, you need to prove why members would want to expand to get to 12. Action has to take place to get to 12, and it has to be a unanimous vote, to avoid losing school that count toward big dance eligibility. I see no reason or way that all members would be in favor of voting in another 2 members from anywhere. The conference didn't expand to get above 8 before, why would they expand now to get to 12? Believe it or not, Oral Roberts, UMKC, Western Illinois etc. could all care less about reviving the old NCC, or seeing all of the dakotas united.

The burden of proof is on you, not me. What advantage would 12 offer that would make Oral Roberts want to come to the Dakotas for 4 basketball games a year instead of 2?

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Neuharth must be around there.

Engelstad wasn't a billionaire or anything.

There's probably about 4 or 5 people who know Engelstads worth. But I know he had more than 30 cars that were worth $280MM. One car alone was worth $35MM. These weren't cars that were kept at the Imperial Palace, they were kept in a private garage at his home. I know this because some very good friends were allowed to see the cars. These cars were sold about two years ago. Then the IP was sold for about $370MM. He also had a lot of properties around the country.

He spent very little on himself, but certainly was willing to help other people out. I walked with him, Clifford, Strinden, Berning and quite a few other folks from the hotel to the Sioux pep rally in Albany, NY a few years ago and if you didn't know better, you would have thought he was the guy with the least amount of money in the group. Shirt and jeans from the local Target store seemed to be fine with him. :lol:

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im sure he got ton of moeny from selling all the racetracks too. Heard that the IP is getting all tore down in a coupel of years.

one memory of mine was me and soem friends were in LV and ralph was sitting at the tiki bar at the IB. I wanted to buy a drink but he wouldnt accept it but then one of my buddies had a fighitng sioux shirt on and ralph must of noticed it then eh started talkin to us a lil bit. He ahd about 5 guards around him and he was feedin us liqour liek we couldnt beleive. But i couldnt beleive hwo many cigerettes/cigars ralph can smoke in one nite. god we got so smashed. oen of the guards carreid one of my buddies up haha.

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The conference didn't expand to get above 8 before, why would they expand now to get to 12?

If Iowa and Iowa State wanted to join the Mid Con, they'd expand to 12.

Therefore, if the teams that want to join are good enough, the expansion will happen.

The argument, then, is simply are UND and USD good enough? I say yes.

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