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Just a little link you guys might want to see.

Here's something else that was taken from www.draftdaddy.com :

A player that isn't getting a lot of attention in the media, but is doing a great job for Rutgers' offensive line is center Darnell Stapleton, who the Scarlett Knights' coaching staff feels could emerge as a solid N.F.L. prospect....The 6' 3", 285 pound senior is very strong, agile and durable -- missed only three offensive plays during the entire 2005 season.


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His brother,Darnell, recently gave us a verbal commitment. He is a 6-6, 318 pound high school senior and he is supposed to be a better player. Five years ago, we wouldn't have been able to get a kid like this to even give us a look.



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Hello Fightingsiouxforlife,

Almost every day, we are hearing rumors about Greg Schiano going to Miami,Penn State, the NFL etc. When he came here, he said he came to build something great and something that would last. We are quite a ways from a National Championship, but we are light years from where the program was five years ago. When he arrived, we were a Division 1 program in name only. The strength and conditioning coach said our players were on the level of the Ivy League--the low end of the Ivy League! The kids that are signing with Rutgers are mostly from New Jersey,Pennsylvania, New York, and Florida--or as Coach Schiano calls it "The State of Rutgers." These players wouldn't have even visited under the previous coaches. Everything has been booming the past couple years--crowds, TV games,media coverage, merchandise sales,etc. What has changed is the attitude he brings to the school and the state. Previous coaches would go into a kid's home and tell the parents "we hope your son comes to Rutgers." Schiano walks in and tells them all the good things about the college and the potential for the school to be a Top 15 program year in and year out. He tells the parents and the players, "Why wouldn't you want to stay and go to your own university and team.? The whole mindset in New Jersey has changed about Rutgers football. A few years ago, every child in kindergarten in New Jersey was given(from a donor) a book called "Meet the Scarlet Knight." It was a silly,but fun book, about the mascot getting ready on game day and going over to the stadium and the game. Tens of thousands of kids on Pop Warner teams were given free T-shirts and low price tickets to RU games. Then last year the winning finally became an expectation instead of a rare occurence. Then the first bowl game in 27 years. Now a 5-0 record and the first national ranking in 30 years. I do not know the man personally, but he and everyone around here knows that this is his baby. He started this from nothing. If he were in it for the money, he knows he can get more from other places. I don't think he will leave though. Just like Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech and Joe Paterno at Penn State, this can be his program for years to come. I could be wrong, but I think he will stay for the long term.

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Schiano has done wonders for Rutgers' program. I'm glad to see them doing well! I also come from a football rich background. I am an OU alum and am now attending UND... so it's great to come from one football tradition to another (although different divisions!). I enjoyed my first Sioux game against W. Wash. The game was a blast! Maybe not 80k people cheering on the team, but I had a good time none the less. Now if only Sioux and Sooner games would come on at different times... ???


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