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UND (7-16, 1-9) @ SDSU (12-11, 7-4) 2/2 7 PM


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UND got Nelson'd and went in to a 2nd half lull that allowed the Bison to come away with a 91-75 victory in Fargo.  Now it is off to Brookings to see if they can finally end the long drought against SDSU.

Last time UND had a 15 point lead against SDSU late in the first half, but then fell to a 27-2 run in the 2nd half and despite a late minute comeback, fell by a single point to SDSU.

While SDSU sits in the top half of the Summit, injuries and inconsistent play has really put a damper on their season.  The Good news is they still have a big time weapon in Mayo and Kyle III is developing into one of the better freshman in the Summit. 

UND Trends:

UND 2 point defense: last 3 games (76-113) giving up 67% from 2.  Not great

Matt Norman: 7 straight games in double figures. (Avg 16.3 ppg in that stretch, 46% from 3)

T: 4 straight games in double figures (Avg 16 ppg)

UND has had an offensive efficiency of over 100 in 5 straight games, which is good.  However, 4 out of those 5 games have included a defensive efficiency of over 100, which is not good.

Other Summit Games:

WIU (7-4) @ DU (3-8):  The biggest non-ORU story right now is the play from Western Illinois, more specifically from Trent Massner, who had himself a week.  His play has allowed WIU to surge into a tie for 2nd place in the conference and should give Rob Jeter some love in the COY race.  Now after three at home, can they come back and play well on the road.  This is a winnable road trip from them and two more wins from them could go a long way in allowing them to finish in the top 3 of the league.  Denver is trying to get something positive going in this 2nd half after 4 losses in a row on the road.  Good news?  They are at home.

NDSU (6-4) @ USD (5-6):  If you ask fans of both teams, neithers season has gone according to plan but yet still have teams that could be dangerous in Sioux Falls.  The Bison offer the 1-2 punch in the post with Nelson and Morgan, while USD has the shooters that when they are on, they are on.  If USD has visions of being in the top 3 come Tourney time, this is a must win weekend.  The Bison have a little more wiggle room but still trying to get that critical 2nd seed.  A SoDak sweep this weekend would be HUGE for their odds.

UST (5-6) @ Omaha (3-8): Tommies continue to be a pest in their 2nd season, showing great progression in the Summit.   A .500 or better season is certainly still on the table and getting out of the Friday games would be a nice bonus for them.  While Omaha is 3-8, they have shown that they are a much better team than their record indicates and has played some of the top teams tough.  They are back at home with 2 important games, where 2 wins could be enough to get them out of the Friday games in SF.

The Call:

If UND wants to avoid the Friday games, these next two weeks are must wins:  If they can find a way to scrap out a road sweep and then defend homecourt, then they are back into the thick of it.  If UND is going to win in Brookings: two things need to happen. 

1) They need to shoot the ball well from 3

2) Tighen up that 2 point defense.

It is still tough to win in Brookings but this year is more of a chance to do so.  This goes against all logic right now but this might be the year that UND goes down to Brookings and wins.  They should have won in GF.... they will tonight.

UND 76-74

Game is on... Jackrabbit Sports Network

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