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Interesting score as pittsburg st. beats missouri-rolla 91-27 on the road.  The score was only 7-0 after one quarter.  Missouri has lost 57 consecutive conference games.  Pitt. st. is averaging 67 points per game as they are beating up on patsies.


Talk about running up the score.

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Any question why Missouri-Rolla has decided to leave the MIAA for the Great Lakes Valley?



For those that don't know, Missouri-Rolla is a specialty/engineering school similar to Michigan Tech. One of the reasons they cited for leaving the MIAA is that their high academic standards and specialty status make it difficult for them to compete in football.

What makes this ironic is that it is happening at the same time that Mich. Tech and Colorado School of Mines (another D2 school like MTU and UMR) are both undefeated and having what looks like the best football seasons in the history of their schools.

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:D I switched back to my baby lion...just for you.

Not sure who that was aimed at, or maybe just an attempt to be funny. UNA has no one to blame but themselves for imploding in the last 2 games. Don't count us out yet..there's a whole lot of football left to be played in the GSC. If UNA can get the QB problems resolved, they will be OK. We have to have help to make the playoffs at this point, and certainly can't lose again. The best scenario for us is to have Delta win the GSC outright, and have a couple or 3 tied for 2nd. I'm not sure if the GSC will get 3 into the playoffs, given the fact that the Albany and Ft. Valley in the SIAC are both still undefeated, and may remain so until they play in the final game of the year.

My opinion on the SE Region poll at this time...just like the rest....junk. My crystal ball is cloudy, but I'd predict this at the end.

1. Catawba

2. Delta

3. Albany State

4. Carson Newman

5 and 6. Pick 'em Valdosta, UNA, UCA, Arkansas Tech, Ft. Valley, Wingate

As far as the Pitt State score, I can't believe they threw the ball at all in the 2nd half. I don't care if they had 3rd and 40, there is no excuse to throw the ball in a situation like this. You also have to fault Rolla's defense for allowing some of this to happen, but come on, 91 points.

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