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UND vs. Mesa St.


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I'm sure we all remember what happened in this game last year in Grand Junction. Three UND turnovers in the first three possession, including one returned for a touchdown, put the Sioux in an early hole from which they could never completely recover.

This year, I look for a completely different game. Primarily because Mesa wants to run the ball roughly 80% of the time (probably 100% if they could get away with it), and I don't believe that the Sioux defense is going to be giving up many rushing yards this year. Plus, there's going to be the revenge factor and the fact that it's no secret that the Sioux seem to play far better on turf. Frankly, if UND doesn't win this game rather handily, I'm going to be pretty disappointed.

Hopefully Bowenkamp and the passing game can do far better this week. The receivers--other than Johnson--and the tight ends were almost complete non-factors last week and that needs to change.

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Hopefully the Sioux can put together a complete offensive game. Mesa is going to be upset about their loss last saturday though.

I sure wish they would have won that first game. That might hurt UND's SOS. At least we're not coming off a blow out. We have quite a bit to fix and fine tune along with the revenge for last year.

I really enjoy the home and home stuff (as long as it's competitive). The second game always seems to have more hype and intrigue because of the previous year.

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I don't think it will hurt UND's SOS that much. Mesa St. is still 23rd ranked team in the country, and although they lost their first game they did make the playoffs last season. If UND plays well on D, and doesn't turn the ball over on O, they should win the game quite handily. ???

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Mesa State plays in a really weak conference so even if they're 0-2 after the UND game, they still should finish better than .500 for the season. Mesa would have to really collapse the rest of the year to hurt UND's SOS.

From what I'm hearing on Mesa State, they're defense isn't near what it was last year. They brought in a couple of transfers that turned out to be All-American type players last year, but those guys have graduated. Offensively, they run the option and only throw when absolutely necessary, so I think that plays right into UND's hands. The UND defense really didn't have a problem stopping them either of the last two years- it was the turnovers and Mesa having a better than expected defense that beat the Sioux last year.

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