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Thanks and congrats coach Berry


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Congratulations on a great first year!   Thanks for bringing home number 8.

(After reading most posts since the win, it seemed a little light on the great job coach Berry and his staff did.)  So,  Coach Berry and staff,  congrats! 

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New England got a double whammy when the Flyers beat out the Bruins for the last spot.  Congrats to Coach Hakstol too, as he had to win to convince alot of Flyer fans that hiring him was a good move.  It's like in the stars that Hak would find a great fit in the NHL for his coaching style and Berry would fit the college world to a tee.

Nice to see coaching moves work out for everybody, especially those with Sioux connections.

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1 hour ago, dagies said:

Congratulations to Coach Berry for a masterful job as a first time ever head coach.  Thank you for your dedication to the UND hockey program and continuing to build on the strong tradition that is UND Fighting Sioux hockey (or Fighting Hawks Hockey or however you want to refer to it).

As nothing more than a fan/alumni, thank you again!

Thank you to all of the players for showing the kind of character (not in winning, but in how you carry yourselves) that makes a fan WANT to root for you.  We're very lucky as fans of this hockey program that we can like and respect the players we root for.

And thank you to Coach Hakstol, who really kept this program on an upward trajectory, who was ultimately responsible for recruiting this team, and in all he did to ensure there were coaches ready to step in when he was no longer around.  Hak's thumbprint is on this win and he deserves his share of the credit for that.  Thank you!

We're spoiled as fans of the greatest college hockey program in the country, but I try not to take it for granted.  :)

I second this emotion in its entirety.

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