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Lack of Scoring Depth


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Clearly there has been a lack of production from LJ.  He has disappointed. 

Poganski is on a drought as is Chyzyk- but I believe both will start to get some bounces.  

Simo, JJ, SG, and RG are all producing as I would expect.

I might try and shuffle things up a bit...maybe tryout RG with JJ and SG and see if that line can generate.  

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As the year goes on I would expect Gersich and Wilkie to start producing more and I also think we will see more scoring from Chyzk, Johnson, and Poganski. I'd like to see them mix the 2,3,4 lines up a little bit this weekend.




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I think it'd be hard to break up CBS at this time, unless they stop producing.
They're putting up more points than some entire teams right now!

Juggling some of the other lines could definitely help.  And it's only a matter of time before players like LJ, Pogo, and Chyz start getting the bounces too.
Chyz, in particular, had a great start to the season.  Once he gets past the drought, I bet they start going for him.

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One more thing- the freshman are all still adjusting to the college game's speed.  I think Wilkie, JJ, Rhett, and SG will all start putting more points up in the second half.  Boesser for that matter too- although he is clearly worthy of his #1 pick status based on how he's adapted and produced already.  Simo is also a freshman for all intents and purposes. He didn't get much ice time last year.

Pogo is in a typical sophomore slump- he'll work out of it.

I think this team only gets deeper as the season wears on.

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I thought Wilkie and Gersich showed some early chemistry and since they have been separated they have both become far less noticeable. Not sure if it was defensive liability that led to their separation, but their offensive numbers apart are nonexistent while together they were both finding the back of the net.

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