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Hi All,


I have some interest in creating a book about the history of the buildings UND hockey has played in over the years.

The book would mainly be a photo book but would tell the story of each building and the teams and fans that accompanied 

them. I am asking for feedback regarding what the demand may be for a book like this. I figured coming to the site where the

die hards gather would be a great place start. I am asking feedback for the following questions:


1.) Would you purchase a book like this? Why or why not?


2.) Would you rather a book like this be hard cover or soft cover?


3.) Considering this book would consist of high-quality, behind the scenes photos of the current REA and it's evolution, 

historical photos of Old REA, and historical photos of the Winter Sports Building, what would you be willing to pay for this

book if you were to consider purchasing?


4.) Where would you keep a book like this? In your living room? In a bookcase? At your office? 


5.) How big of fan of UND hockey are you? 

a.) The BIGGEST Sioux fan out there.

b.) The Sioux are my favorite team to follow.

c.) I follow the Sioux, but don't mind missing a game.

d.) I go to an occasional game and keep up with how the team is doing.


Thank you for your help!


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1. Yes, and I don't need a reason

2. Hard Cover is nice

3. 25-30 range, something that is affordable

4. BAR

5. a

my question is, where are all these photos coming from? would the pictures in the book be more of the Old REA and Winter Sports Building or more of the new REA? If the book consists mostly of pictures from the NEW REA, you could probably count me out as I have seen enough pictures of the new REA, the old arenas are what I would like to see.


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Photos like you find on the inside cover and the first 50 or so pages of Fight On Sioux would really add historic cred you will need to capture the full age spectrum. And the older fans will have the dough to spend on memories they cherish.

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20 minutes ago, puck said:

Cool video, thought it was funny they were playing a video that said Congratulations to the 2010-2011 McNaughton Cup Champions on the video board.

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