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Top 15 Most Popular Universities in the Country


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I'd worry about that until I see Alabama, Mississippi, LSU, FSU, Iowa, and Maryland in the top 10 also.

Just like the Top 15 Most Popular Colleges wouldn't mean much until you see the schools that beat UND on the list.

Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT.

No one can claim UND as a "safety school."

Meanwhile it appears the U of Minnesota is. They accepted 17,000 but only 5,000 first year students, a whopping 30%, decided to go there. Compared to UND at over 60%.

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there are definitely at least two trends going on here, small state public schools (UAF, UND, UNL, UNLV, plus NDSU and SDSU in the next 5) and a subset of elite private schools. You could maybe make a case for flagship religious schools with notre dame, byu and yeshiva being a third trend. I don't know what to make of GSU and Florida A&M though, they would seem like classic safety schools.

Of these schools, any instate applicant who applies to at least und, sdsu, ndsu and aaf will most likely be admitted, so if you want to stay in state and want to go to a given school, why would you bother applying to multiple schools? I was staying instate and didn't want to stay in Fargo, so I applied to UND, only UND, and went here. Had I wanted to go to minnesota, I doubt I would have bothered applying anywhere else.

People who want to go to a more selective schools will be more likely to apply to multiple schools an be admitted to multiple schools, and these school have lower yields as a result. I'm actually very surprised by the yeilds at the ivy tier of schools, I would have expected their yields to be very low, since the same population is applying to multiple schools in that tier. If I want to go to an Ivy and my first choice is Columbia, I think I would apply to Penn, Harvard, NYU, and Yale as well, and I would expect to be admitted to either several or none.

Anyway anyone who thinks that UND is in the same category as Yale, MIT or Stanford needs their head checked. Maybe 5% of our student body would have a shot at these schools. This is a pretty bad metric for popularity. UND and NDSU get around 5,000 applications a year each. Big ten schools get more students to actually enroll than we can get to apply.

Cratter, I see that you have already put this in your sig, but still haven't deleted the lie that UND is the only North Dakota School in the top 200. NDSU is in the 180's. Also I'm pretty sure that both schools are doctoral, (although obviously not professional) in research activity.

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