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that is bad

I posted on USCHO before the season started when some Penalty Box member was talking smack about Jake Brandt being a thief, so I came back with "UND and Brandt will steal at least 4 out of 5 games from Duluth this year." That was the point for my sign idea. The kid screwed up, and if people are going to taunt him for it, we might as well help him turn it around on them, right? I mean, if the Penalty Box members are going to wear pull-tab necklaces, we might as well come up with something...

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This is going to be a BIG series for both teams. Dogs "tune up" this weekend against their "archrival" Michagan Tech. Lessard is WCHA leading scorer, and Offensive Player of the Week for the third time this season. If the Dogs play as inconsistently as they did last weekend against MSU-M, I'm going to loath posting on this board,as the Dogs will be killed. Hopefully they will be up for 120 minutes of hard-nosed, physical hockey. They showed great toughness and physicality for portions of the Mankato series, but at times looked like they had the cruise-control on...especially Sat. night after going up 4-0. This will either be a springboard to greater things for the Dogs...or another step in the wrong direction. St. Cloud is at CC, so hopefully the Tigers will show their fangs and keep SCSU from getting too far out in front. With a little luck the Dogs can be tied for first after this weekend with 2 games in hand over SCSU.

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I would love to see a sign that says,


I'm flattered. :):) The necklaces are well underway and we have more than just pull tabs on them. ;) The Box contingent will be a bit smaller than last year, but it's hard to tell at this point. We are looking at anywhere from 5 to 10 Box members plus 3-4 old school Bulldog USCHO posters. tUMD is also sending their fan bus full of senior citizens this year as they did last year. They should blend in nicely with the Ralph folks.

Hockey is really secondary on that weekend. We love partying in Grand Forks for some reason - maybe it's the great drinks, maybe it's the house parties, maybe it's getting up at 8am on a Sunday morning at the RoadKing and drinking straight Windsor. Who knows. Should be a great time regardless of the outcomes.

"Win or lose, we booze."

-tUMD Penalty Box

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Wow, that is really great for your team. I am very impressed by that. Someday I hope the bulldogs could have one of those hanging from the rafters. But it still would not equal the greatness or the tradition of Sioux hockey, but maybe someday we could get a sniff of that type of hockey. Just another serious question here, I know your program is one of the greatest, but how come you haven't been able to win back-to-back as the gophers have. Would you say that this feat has put them ahead of the Sioux in greatness, being that these days there are many more hockey teams and a lot more talent to choose from than there were back in the 60's and 70's when you won most of your titles? Or was it the 50's and 60's? :)

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One more thing, MinnesotaNorthStar, if you are going to steal PenaltyBox cheers, at least steal them right. It is "Shoot to score, score to win, win you get laid, score score score."

I stole the saying from Wisconsin...had no idea that the PB made a cheer out of it

I like your version better though.......may I? :)

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