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  1. sorry you got the wrong UMD asshole. I never wore a shirt like that and i never sat in the upper deck at a final five. I sat with a group of gopher friends blue line lower bowl every year. I am an asshole just not one of those assholes. CAW
  2. Sad I was left out Looking forward to seeing those Fighting Hawks this weekend!! Caw!
  3. You can get tickets half way up in the lower deck by the face off circles, and at center ice in the upper deck. Not sure what you expected? Especially since tickets have been on sale for several months through member schools.
  4. There is also a stick down the left side I didn't notice at first. Hopefully it isn't the jersey patch - those colors would clash pretty badly with most jerseys.
  5. Agreed. I almost bit right when I got the offer, but then I thought about some pimpled face intern thinking the "best" seats are on the glass or behind the bench. I think I'll wait til general sale so I can pick where I sit.
  6. I think time of day would have a lot to do with those numbers. If the hockey national title game was at 12 noon on a Saturday I'm sure the numbers would be much lower than the number they get in the primetime Saturday slot. Anyone have numbers for the first semifinal game usually played on Thursday afternoon? I'm sure those numbers are quite low. So much goes into TV numbers, it's hard to take them too seriously.. also have to consider what else is on TV at that exact time which would draw viewers away. College basketball is on their week break when the Frozen Four is on, so that helps rat
  7. There were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more Sioux fans this weekend than there were Gophers fans for that series. I'd say half the upper deck was green on Saturday.
  8. You're looking at NBC Sports Channel. (formally Vs) They have a double header with Gophers/Pios as the nightcap.
  9. The blue line club has beer - on the lake side of the arena - opposite the main entrance - just outside the gates - anyone can drink there. There is also the curling club in the skyway but you'll need to pay to get in there. Bulldog club and suite ticket holders have their own respective bars in the arena in a corner closest to the lake. Regular peons in the main bowl have to flask it. Enjoy the games - hope you like the arena - the upper deck is the place to be for great sightlines. Same degree of incline as the old DECC. Not nearly the atmosphere of the old DECC... much like when y
  10. Well said. UND is receiving venom once reserved for the Gophers, as now that's like picking on the slow kid in class.
  11. So watered down that five WCHA teams made the NCAAs and none of them were from Minneapolis or Madison. I think UND fans are noticing UMD jackwagons, because they become more visible when a team wins. You think UMTC and Bucky fans suddenly all became saints? No, but no one is bringing up them because their teams aren't relevant right now. Like numerous others have said, each fan base has them and that's never going to change as long as we let all people reproduce.
  12. UMD is #1 in overall PIM's but only #7 if you count WCHA games only. They had 33 mins one game against LSSU and 59 one game against Clarkson which really skewed the numbers. On second thought, maybe that proves your point even further, that the Bulldogs need to be careful with the non-WCHA refs. UMD doesn't like to play physical, their penalties mostly are a result of lazy play. It'll be a shootout I'm sure.
  13. He actually does about a game a week on ESPNU, though most if not all of those games are in the east.
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