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Disclaimer: This is a summary of the weekly Fighting Sioux Coaches how. It is NOT a verbatim transcript of the show. Comments by the show's hosts and the coaches are paraphrased to the best of the author's ability and are NOT direct quotes. This summary contains selected highlights from the show and is NOT a comprehensive account of all topics covered or discussed. This broadcast summary represents the interpretation of the author and is not associated in any manner with SiouxSports.com, the University of North Dakota or US College Hockey Online. This summary MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED without the written permission of the author.

Live from Lola's Authentic Northern Italian Restaurant in beautiful downtown Grand Forks. Tim Hennessy and Scott Swygman are the hosts with UND associate head coach Dave Hakstol.

TH asks Hakstol to compare UND

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"Hakstol said Rylan Kaip is a bigger version of Mike Prpich, a tough, gritty kid who can play up the middle or along the wall. He was recently suspended for being involved in a fight."

On this day Lord, we give thee thanks ... ???;)

Not to mention the fact that Don Adam, Todd Anderson, and Derek Sheperd send their congratulations along with, "We'll keep a special seat for you on the penalty bench because we're already targetting.. I mean looking forward to seeing you play."


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