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Missing player(s) in key games over holidays


What's your reaction to Z. Parise and possibly other young Sioux studs missing WCHA games while playing elsewhere?  

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  1. 1. What's your reaction to Z. Parise and possibly other young Sioux studs missing WCHA games while playing elsewhere?

    • Happy for them, go for it
    • Happy for them, don't go
    • Oh, well

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This happens to us every year since we have such talented players. I don't think this is fair that they scheduled WCHA games over the time players are off playing in the world tournment. How did this happen? I just wanted to start a thread to see what your reactions were to this. I just got to thinking about this while listening to the game and Tim was talking about the scouts there to see Stafford. They will probably take him and we will have a tough time without these guys. I understand we are getting scoring from all lines, but this will still hurt us a little. I think they should give us a 2 goal advantage to start each game we play without these guys. I enjoy watching the players tally up points and this will come to a hault while they are off. I think the situation stinks that we lose them, but it's a good chance for them to showcase their talent at a higher level, which helps their stock rise and they represent our team. I am sure we will be just fine without them, but I would like it better if the schedule didn't infringe on playing for their current team. It makes us look good if we can win without them and if we lose we have an alabi, but this isn't right. I still think they should add more games to the WCHA schedule so that each team plays each other 4 times as well as non-conference by lengthening the schedule. Anyways I want to hear what you all think.

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I think the World Juniors is a great experience for these guys. ZPar was USA's leading goal scorer last year, and said he had a great time. Greene has really honed his defensive game since then as well. I have a friend who, before the WJ's, didn't like Jones or the way he played, but after them he agrees with me that he has improved a great deal.

What I don't agree with, as previously mentioned, is the schedule of league games during this time. In such a heated conference teams cant afford to lose some of their best players right at midseason. It's frustrating, and would be the ideal time to throw in a non-conference series against...I don't know...YALE?

I'm sure they are going to change that in the next couple years. Blais' been saying that he disagrees with the scheduling of these series as well, and I'm sure other coaches agree...

Hell, last year we played CC during this time! :lol:

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Not only should we not play conference games, we should schedule lightly on the nonconference side.

Especially with the team having off weeks during the season (thanksgiving and the week after ...).

I think we should have perrenial powerhouses Canisius and Niagara in town to play during that time.

Then forecheck can get a shot at dating Wookiee

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Dean gets this caliber of players to come here because he is not selfish. The game is about them and making all avenues available to showcase their skills.

I believe that the schedule could be better planned however, with non-conference games during the world tournament - like Minnesota got this year.

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