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Does anyone know if the new issue of Sioux Illustrated (Z. Parise on cover) is on-sale? I looked for it at the Pro-Shop last night but didn't see it. Perhaps I missed it. I know it's available at The Ralph, is there any other place I can buy it?


They did have at least one issue under the glass near the cash register in the Pro Shop last night, but I couldn't tell if it was for sale or just display.

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I was thinking Sports Illustrated.  I thought if ZP had been on the Sports Illustrated cover it would have been a bigger deal on POI.  :)

For just $15 per year you can have all the key Parise info before it shows up on POI. By knowing it first you'll be the envy of all your POI buddies!

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I got an email back from customer services today. The woman said that the issues should have been mailed, but because we're living on a college campus if you have not updated the address it is mailed to it may take a while for the newest issue to be forwarded to you. She told me to contact them again if I don't receive it within the next two weeks.

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