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OK, so I'm out of town and I ordered the game at dataflix for webcast, just wondering if anyone has used it before or know how it works? Do I just log in at game time and open it or what? Also, what program does it run in?

Log in and click the link. You'll need window media player 9 (won't work with 8) so you might want to check that out ahead of time. Try the preview.

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A quick tip...Windows Media 9 did not work properly for me with the dataflix site until I opened the program, unchecked the "archive" box, and clicked on all the page tabs. I'm not sure which of these actions was the key to getting it working, but afterward the webcasts worked just fine.

I suggest trying to view a free preview on the dataflix site to avoid missing game time.

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Preview didn't work for me either. I have MWP 9, but it tries to load, then says ready and doesn't play anything. Anyone else have this problem? Maybe the site link is not working properly, because the free preview on the main page did work, just not the preview of the game from last year.

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I think the Dataflix site is working, as I viewed the hockey preview. I am using Windows XP (with MediaPlayer v9) and McAfee Virus Checking and Firewall, via DSL.

I logged in and purchased the game for tommorrow also.

REALLY looking forward to seeing the games live.

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