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Media Day Green & White Game?


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Anyone take in the Media day or the Green and White Game? 

I was at media day representing USCHO. The green and white game hasn't been played yet. Here's a quick summary of what I learned:

The new HIPA policy that prohibits coaches from talking about player injuries is a royal pain in the posterior. Blais said it even prevents him from talking to parents about injuries to their sons.

The NCAA's big focus for the upcoming season will be on enforcing the chin strap rule for goalies, no doubt because of the Eaves-Exter collision last season. Blais also said there's more talk of enforcing obstruction, but he hears that every year. He said the obstruction rules need to be consistently enforced. When they're not, it makes it very difficult for the Sioux to cycle the puck and operate their offense, especially on the small ice sheet.

The Iron Man competiton has shown that the team is in great shape. In past years, the number of players scoring 1,000 points has been 10 or less. This year, more than 15 players scored over 1,000 points. He said the competition wasn't quite finished and therefore didn't say who had won it. (I will add that I saw James Massen before and after he put on his practice gear. He looks like the Incredible Hulk!)

Blais said that after just two days of practice, no line combinations or defensive pairings had been made. It's too early yet. Captains also have not been named. However, he talked about the line of Murray, Parise and Bochenski being capable of scoring 100 or more goals. He said Murray's style is quite similar to Parise's in that he can work the corners, make plays and score. Parise seemed quite happy about the idea of playing with Murray again.

Blais discussed the need to get more production out of the third and fourth lines, saying, "That's what's won it in the past." Last season, they didn't have the depth and they were still a young team. He said they need guys like McMahon and Prpich to step it up this year.

Right now, the freshman are a talented crop, but "they don't know where to line up and they don't know the intensity of the league." But they're starting to learn the intensity of the coaches on the ice. Basically, it's work hard or get off. That's the way it has to be.

Blais said he is happy with the Sioux defensive corps, but mentioned the "injury bug" in that area. Because of the previously mentioned HIPA regulations, he couldn't go into any detail.

Blais likes this year's non-conference schedule better than last year's. He said they strive for a balance in scheduling. They don't like their non-conference opponents to be too easy, but they also don't want difficult opponents for all games. Losing non-conference games hurts in the NCAA PWR rankings.

Blais said that Jake Brandt has been the best goalie so far. He is looking for more consistency in that area. He didn't think goaltending cost that Sioux many games last season, but the Sioux also never stole any games because of their goaltending.

I talked to Brandt for a few minutes. He seemed more confident and assured than he did last season. He expects the two freshman and Ranfranz to push him for the top job, but he also expects to be the No. 1 goalie. He said goaltending shouldn't be an issue this season.

Someone asked Parise if he'd put on some weight. He said no, he'd actually lost 5 or 6 pounds on purpose. I thought he looked taller and he said he might have grown a half inch. He didn't think that he was in the best shape last season and admitted that he got worn down near the end of the season. He doesn't expect that to be a problem this season. He said he'd try to help Murray avoid the same problem he had.

Blais called this year's Sioux "a skilled team with a lot of potential." Because of age, experience and a good class of freshmen, he expects it to be a better team. He thinks the top five teams in the WCHA will be Minnesota, UND, CC, Denver and Duluth.

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I deal with HIPAA on an almost daily basis in my job and am familar with the requirements of HIPAA. They aren't going to prevent the immediate family from knowing about their childs condition. How ever, if the player doesn't want the coach to tell his family he is obligated to comply with the players wishes.

I think the only people who are going to be directly affected would be the fans, who don't really need to know the extent of an injury although it is nice to know. I'm sure If you have the right connections with either the players or their families a fan could find out the information, They just can't post it on the message board.

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I'm hoping for some PCM action on the game. Some sort of amateur type scouting report on either the mens team or perhaps both mens and women's. I say PCM because it appears to me that this dude knows how to report :D

Who played in goal for the green team? Who had the goals? The assists? Any big hits? What did Murray do on the ice?

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Now for copies of those photos :D

I asked.  Will I recieve?

Well, most of my photos of the scrimmage didn't turn out too hot. I was sitting too far away to get anything decent. For that reason, I'm in no hurry to post them. Sorry.

I should probably mention here that I don't expect to be taking many photos this season.

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Went to meet the Sioux Night and was very impressed with most of what I saw. PMC very good scouting report. :):)

The best chance was in the first few minutes when white had a 2-on-1 rush and Jordan Parise made a great save.
It was actually a 2-on-0 rush as they left the defensemen standing at the blueline. :0:0

Both Freshman goalies looked good although they weren't tested much.

Massen laid someone out along the boards, but I didn
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