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Newberry seems to have the momentum, having snapped their 10-game losing streak with a 54-20 drubbing of North Greenville. They're now 1-1, having lost last week in the final seconds to newly D-IAA Coastal Carolina. Keep in mind that North Greenville is hardly a power, having lost to Newberry College in all of their five meetings, including 3 shutouts.

Coming off an OT loss to Mesa State, the Sioux really need to get on track with this game. I'd like to see the Sioux play strong in the first couple possessions out of the gate, better ball handling, and better running opportunities if we're going to improve on last year's mark when we enter conference play. Every team in the NCC seems to have weaknesses so far, so hopefully UND can use this last opportunity to shore theirs up.

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It would appear that this team is far more talented than one would expect from a team coming off a 1-10 season, including a couple of wide receivers good enough to have originally committed to Miami and Clemson:


One thing to watch for is whether the Sioux can remain disciplined in light of the propensity of Newberry to commit penalties. Newberry is averaging a pretty astounding 150 yards in penalties per game so far.

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It would appear that this team is far more talented than one would expect from a team coming off a 1-10 season, including a couple of wide receivers good enough to have been signed by Miami and Clemson:

Definitely... Our secondary better have their heads up and their running shoes on. :huh:

Hopefully their QB won't have time to hit his fast receivers! :D

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Anyone in Fargo been listening to the nightly sports like I have?

Hallstrom called this game, "A bigger lopsided matchup than David vs. Goliath." Who is this guy kidding? Although they are not Grand Valley St., they are not the North Dakota School for the Blind. Will Hallstrom say this, when NDSU plays UND in the next couple years? I doubt it.

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Well, it certainly wasn't a great performance by the Sioux, but it was a step forward from last week, and I think the positive's definitely out-weighed the negative's.


-got off to a good start for a change, forcing a 3-and-out on the first defensive series and scoring a touchdown on the first offensive series.

-offense played pretty well, scoring 42 points.

-Bowenkamp threw 4 td's and 0 int's.

-Lueck continues to look like the big-play threat the team needed.

-sacked Newberry qb 6 times.

-had two great goal line stands.

-db's played fairly well until very late when the game was already well in hand.

-gave up less than 1 yard per rush.


-committed far too many penalties.

-defense went to sleep the last two or three possessions.

-had a punt blocked.

-stubborn insistence on running between the tackles when Newberry was stacking the line of scrimmage to stop the run.

-continued to call the "bubble screen" when it has fooled nobody in about five years. Please get rid of this play, Mussman!

-appeared to suffer injuries to some key players, i.e. Grant and Ahlers.

All in all, I'd have to say that Newberry is a pretty talented team offensively, and I wouldn't be surprised if they win several games. Those may very well have been the most talented receivers UND will see all year. Newberry needs some help on the o-line and on defense, but they are definitely not a 1-10 type team.

It's hard to predict how the Sioux will do in the NCC. Everybody in the league now has at least one loss, and nobody appears to be dominant. UND likely will be a very dangerous team, particularly at home, but the Sioux still have a lot to work on in order to be a serious threat to make the playoffs.

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The "bubble screen" has to go. It doesn't help when Bowenkamp continues to throw it over the heads of the receivers. I hate that play.

Those goaline stands where very impressive and I believe were a key to the victory. They really turned the momentum in the game.

The NCC is a whole different game and it will be very interesting to see what kind of team shows up for UND.

It is time for some of our upperclassmen to step up and make an impact.

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My impressions-

The good:

- I was really impressed with the play of Hoffschneider. Newberry ran alot of trips away from him early in the game to try to isolate him against one of those stud receivers and he didn't give an inch. They also tried to get him on a pump and go fade pattern into the end zone in the second half and he stayed right up under the receiver's pads and broke the play up.

- Digger Anderson was outstanding. He's really coming into his own as a great ILB.

- The defense was very sound fundamentally for the first 3+ quarters until they got deep into the bench. They didn't seem bothered by the no huddle and there weren't any missed assignments or big plays against them.

- The pass protection was very good and UND's backs do a nice job of picking off blitzing LBs.

- It was nice to see the Sioux get back to more base formations on offense. I thought they often times tried to get too "cute" with all of the spread stuff last year and it led to some predictability and alot of mistakes.

The not so good:

- The running game still needs some work. Newberry was determined to stop the between the tackles stuff, so why not change it up a little? I really wish UND would get back to running some of those zone stretch plays we used to run so well.

- Why is Bowenkamp running one of those QB sweeps with a 28-3 lead? It's been a good play in the past for us and has its place in the offense, but why risk getting Bowenkamp hurt running it in that situation?

- There were too many penalties again, but the ones hurt the worst were when the WRs got called for holding way downfield on two of those long running plays. That needs to be addressed.

All in all, I thought UND played fairly well. The running game has to get alot better if they're going to challenge for the NCC title, but it was nice to see the team play solid early in the game and not make the critical mistakes that cost them in the past.

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Augie will, of course, throw and throw often, but I doubt very much they will be able to run against the Sioux. The good news is that the Augie receivers should seem relatively slow compared to what the Sioux faced against Newberry. I think Hoffschneider and Manke can cover their receivers one-on-one, so I hope the Sioux blitz a lot and get after the quarterback.

I do think the Sioux should be able to score some points. Although UND lost by seven last year in Sioux Falls, this was the team who Bowenkamp threw for 500-plus yards against.

BTW, remember a few weeks ago when there was a lot of talk about how UND was going to utilize the tight ends in the passing game, unlike last year? Well, in the past two games, the tight ends as a group haven't caught a single pass. I think Mielke in particular needs to be utilized as a receiver.

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Augie had 51 first half yards against a DIII team last week before coming alive in the second half. They have already lost to Northern State (SD). Hard to say where they rate with the opponents UND has faced so far... much better than Crookston, worse than Mesa. I'm thinking Newberryish.

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I thought it might be interesting to look at the defensive statistics. We have guys starting and playing most of the game that arent being nearly as productive as some guys who havent been getting half the time.TOTAL TACKLES UA-A TOT UMC MSC NEW

Digger Anderson LB.. 17-12 29 2-0 6-12 9-0

Hoffschneider....... 12-7 19 3-2 4-5 5-0

Danny Gagner LB..... 11-7 18 3-0 4-7 4-0

Shane Duchscher DL.. 7-6 13 3-1 1-4 3-1

D. Ullsperger LB.... 4-7 11 1-0 1-5 2-2

Troy Newhouse DL.... 6-5 11 1-0 0-3 5-2

Josh Brandsted DB... 5-5 10 2-0 2-5 1-0

Ryan Manke DB....... 6-3 9 - 1-3 5-0

Jake Nordick LB..... 5-4 9 2-0 2-4 1-0

Jeff Momerak DL..... 6-1 7 2-0 2-1 2-0

Babington-Jhnsn..... 4-3 7 2-1 1-0 1-2

Tony Hermes LB...... 2-4 6 1-1 0-2 1-1

Josh Muro DL........ 3-2 5 - 1-2 2-0

Tom DeSautel........ 3-2 5 1-0 1-2 1-0

Brook Maier LB...... 1-4 5 - 0-4 1-0

Tyler Dahlen LB..... 4-1 5 - 1-1 3-0

M. Greenwood SS..... 4-0 4 3-0 - 1-0

Eric Halstenson LB.. 2-2 4 1-1 0-1 1-0

Steve Brennan....... 4-0 4 2-0 1-0 1-0

Adam Stratton DB.... 1-2 3 - 0-2 1-0

Adam Wolf DL........ 3-0 3 2-0 - 1-0

Jason Peterson DL... 3-0 3 1-0 DNP 2-0

Lee Smith DL........ 2-1 3 1-0 0-1 1-0

Matt Nelson LB...... 1-1 2 1-0 0-1 DNP

Will Kusler DL...... 0-2 2 - 0-2 -

Sam Schmitz LB...... 2-0 2 1-0 - 1-0

ThomasLoegering..... 0-1 1 - 0-1 DNP

John Bowenkamp...... 1-0 1 - 1-0 -

Caleb Johnson....... 1-0 1 DNP DNP 1-0


Troy Newhouse DL.... 1-3 4 - 1-1 3-12

Jeff Momerak DL..... 3-0 3 1-8 - 2-11

Jake Nordick LB..... 1-1 2 1-10 1-2 -

Babington-Jhnsn..... 0-2 2 - - 2-7

Jason Peterson DL... 1-0 1 - DNP 1-7


Digger Anderson LB.. 4-0 4.0 - 1.0-3 3.0-9

Jeff Momerak DL..... 4-0 4.0 2.0-12 - 2.0-11

Troy Newhouse DL.... 1-4 3.0 - 1.0-2 2.0-12

Jake Nordick LB..... 2-1 2.5 1.0-10 1.5-4 -

Danny Gagner LB..... 2-0 2.0 1.0-9 1.0-4 -

Hoffschneider....... 1-1 1.5 0.5-4 1.0-3 -

Josh Muro DL........ 1-0 1.0 - - 1.0-5

Babington-Jhnsn..... 0-2 1.0 - - 1.0-7

Brook Maier LB...... 1-0 1.0 - - 1.0-1

Eric Halstenson LB.. 1-0 1.0 1.0-1 - -

Jason Peterson DL... 1-0 1.0 - DNP 1.0-7

Tony Hermes LB...... 0-1 0.5 0.5-4 - -

Tyler Dahlen LB..... 0-1 0.5 - 0.5-1 -

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Digger is off to a great start. Dan Ullsperger(5th in tackles) is becoming the next most productive linebacker in a hurry. I've seen more of him from sideline to sideline and in the secondary than any other LB. He seems very mobile for as big as he is. Also, unless I'm blind Gagner is a saftey and not a LB.

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