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Sioux fans please help CC and others!

Randy May

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WCHA fans alike;

Please go to this site below, review the proposed petition there, and

consider signing it. This petition shows the 400+ DIII schools that we

the fans do not want to see programs such as CC, Clarkson, RPI, etc.

have to strip their programs of DIII/DI scholarship exemption status

which would render a program like CC's barely recognizable. Save CC


http://www.petitiononline.com/NCAAD3/petition.html - go now!!!

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Glad to sign.

Randy, what is the reasoning behind this? Why should the other D-III schools care if a few are using scholarship $$ to play-up in D-I? I would hope there is something more to this than simple jealousy of the recognition that schools like CC, Clarkson, Johns Hopkins, etc. receive for the success they have achieved.

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Already signed and posted in the other CC thread.

Randy, what's the deal with the CC board. I can no longer login there. Seems to be an easyboard problem, although I have no idea. I see you've already been flamed on POI after making a similar post :)

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Would be interested to know if anyone with a CC Board registration can log in there. My login times out (has so for the past several months). Tried a new registration and that times out also. :)

I had no problem logging in, kind of surprising since I hadn't been to the site in over a year.

On an unrelated but possibly helpful note, I had the same problem you are when trying to login to my msn passport account. Turned out I had accidently blocked the site from allowing a cookie on my computer. As soon as I allowed cookies I had no problem.

Good Luck

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A Statement about D-III reform efforts from NCAA President Myles Brand


Some of the initiatives recommended by the Council are controversial, most especially the one that phases out the exception to the Division III prohibition on athletics scholarships. The institutions affected by these proposed changes will have an opportunity to respond and offer alternatives prior to and during the Convention. Their comments will be important to the discussion.

The key point is that academic reform is moving forward on all fronts. The effort to integrate intercollegiate athletics with the goals of higher education is gaining momentum. Not everyone will be happy that steps are being taken to subsume intercollegiate athletics to institutions' academic mission. But without question, it is the right thing to do!

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That's the biggest load of jingoistic crap I've read in a long time. Everybody with even a modicum of integrity knows the NC$$ doesn't give one flying damn about academics. If they did, they'd pressure D1 schools like Arkansas to raise its graduation rate for male athletes (BB players?) above 1% some day. I have seen no argument made that the D3 schools with D1 programs have any academic problems or that somehow the schools suffer from having a D1 program or two. A stupid, specious argument.

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