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anyone sell Green Fake Mustache's (for st patty's day) It would be funny to see lots of Sioux Fans wearing them - or make one - or draw them on for the F5

With the Team growing them (this may be easier) ;)


maybe this is how SS.com members can find each other down there ?

Like this http://www.spirithalloween.com/index.cfm/f...f-3f4c21f46c0b/

It's Fun to go down there & be silly ;)

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Cheese or not I was supporting one of the fake Green mustaches at sundays game. We purchased them at party america, they were 2 dollars i think. I do think that if we make it a little further, green mustaches could be a hit. I may have started a trend.


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There will be mustaches everywhere you look at the X this weekend. I can't wait!

Party America is out of them in Grand Forks as well as in Fargo. Anyone know where else a guy can get one? We have about 15 of us that go every year and I think it'd be sweet if we all were able to get one.

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