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  1. Well if Hak doesn't win by the end of his contract he will be able to add another accomplishment to his list, the longest dry spell without a national championship is 17 years from 1963-1980, and it will be 18 years at the end of his contract so he has that going for him! All I can say is I am glad I didn't buy tickets and drive to Grand Rapids from the Chicago area for that game. Not as painful as the back-to-back losses to BC in Milwaukee and St. Louis since I had a bad feeling about this years team all year but it still would've been a long drive back home.
  2. I guess we can just keep hoping. It works for the Cubs! Well, until the 2011-12 season where fans actually stopped showing up. It won't happen in GF since hockey is the only show in town although it did for a period of time in the early 90s when the Old Ralph wasn't even full for each game with half the seats. I am tired of the excuses season after season with Hakstol teams. Time to shake things up. Did anyone think Gino was replaceable or Blais? Quality coaches would be lining up to coach one of the most prestigious college hockey programs in history. I wouldn't be too worried about who we would find to replace Hak.
  3. If Hakstol was a pro-hockey coach he would've been canned years ago even with the record you posted.
  4. He was getting hacked up often tonight. I think it was Edler who cross checked him twice across the back on one shift. Should've been a penalty on at least one of the hacks. GO HAWKS!!!!! Hate to say it but former BC Eagle Ben Smith is doing a great job for the Hawks. Really impressive player. I was really nervous Corey Schneider was going to beat one of my teams again. Too bad he ended up getting injured. Never like to see a player get injured unless they are a head hunter like that goon Torres!
  5. It was a fun year until the very end again. Now that it is officially over, I am just curious who you will miss watching in the Sioux gear? For me, it is Trupp. I loved watching him play for the Sioux.
  6. Sure wish we were on here saying Congrats to the boys on #8! :-(
  7. The picture isn't the reason I think it was a goal, the video from the front view is what changed my mind. I watched all the games today and saw all the videos replaying the goal and didn't think it was a goal until I was watching the BC/CC game and saw the front view video. I wish I had the video I am talking about where you can see the puck shot at him and then his foot pushing it out after it crosses the line. I will post it if I find it.
  8. DaveK - Here is a picture of it that I added to my post that you responded to: Picture of Michigan Goal vs. UNO
  9. Or sharks with lasers!!
  10. OK, I just watched a replay of the goal shown from the front view and think it was a goal. You can see the puck cross the line with white between puck and goal line. I don't agree that you can see it was a goal from the overhead view unless you just assume the puck crossed the line. From the front view though you can see the puck cross the line and Faulkner kicks his right foot forward and the puck comes out. I was very against the call they made until seeing this angle. The spot shadow replays ESPN is showing seems to indicate the puck traveling across the line but that still isn't a conclusive view. On Goon's link it is the video portion at :27 that ESPN has been showing a clip of during the CC/BC game but it starts slightly sooner where you can see the shot coming in to Faulkner. That replay makes me believe it was a legit goal. Crappy goal, but a goal. This is actually a picture that shows what I am trying to describe: Michigan OT Goal vs UNO
  11. Not if the Mavericks scored a consclusive goal and won by the actual rules rather than stupid refs botching a call and giving Michigan the win after it took them 10 minutes to decide if it was conclusive. That alone should've given them enough pause and common sense to realize they weren't able to say it was a conclusive goal. The NCAA should review this quickly and make sure that the refs that botched the game are not allowed to officiate another post season game this season. UNO worked hard to get to the playoffs and to have their season brought to an end like this is pathetic.
  12. Glad this is working for some of you. This is the first time I have actually found ESPN3 on my xbox useful since I normally just use my system to play games. It is cool that games are OnDemand and you can watch them like they are on a DVR. I am also very impressed with the image quality. Mine is showing up in HD and looks just about as good ast the game I am flipping back and forth between on ESPNUHD. Good stuff. Gotta love technology! I would rather drive 4 hours and watch the games but its not looking good for this weekend! :-(
  13. I was in Raleigh visiting a friend and we were able to score some great seats to the game via a scalper... Brian Lee and David Hale were playing together for the Senators and I thought some of you might like to see some of the pictures I was able to get of them. Maybe they are boring? They are Fighting Sioux so I thought I would share. Threw in a couple extras too of some of the star players for the Canes. Brian Lee & David Hale Pictures
  14. Not sure why it is asking for that. It just loaded up on my xbox and same with my computer.
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