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I hated when they had those NDSU-Sioux games there because I don't think that the b-ballers deserve to play at the Englestad. Ralph didn't make the arena for b-ball, he made it for hockey. Yes, I know that he made it so they could use it for b-ball too, but it just bothers me that they didn't have the b-ball games somewhere else. If they need more room since the Hyslop can't fit a whole lot of people, then they should make a whole new building for basketball. But that's just my opinion.

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I had to say "dont know" simply because an OCCASIONAL bouncy ball game probably does well for the program, as long as it is on a week where there is no real game (hockey) at the Ralph.

But the idea that was tossed around of building a seperate facility attached to the Ralph is trully dumb, we have Hyslop and thats fine. Most games dont draw 3000 fans any way.

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As long as they don't interfere with the hockey season...meaning plan the bball schedule around the hockey schedule. I didn't like the fact that Mankato was switched to a home series in the beginning of the year (it was Thanksgiving)because the Sioux-Bison game was scheduled for the weekend it was supposed to be (at least that is what I am told). The Ralph is a hockey arena first...basketball court is down the list farther. A new facility isn't that great of an idea, unless Phil Jackson wants to build one for us.

Let me try to explain it better...we were supposed to go to Mankato over Thanksgiving, but they switched because when Mankato was supposed to come here, it was the weekend of the Sioux-Bison game.

(by the way I realize what time it is)

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I thought the original plan was for old REA to become the new bouncyball home, while Hyslop was turned into a spa or wellness center for students, etc. I'd rather new REA just stay a hockey barn, although a special case can be made for 'SU or exhibition games with Kansas, etc. Beyond that, mult-purpose barns generally have problems with ice, maintenance issues, etc.

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My understanding is that renovating the old Ralph would be far more costly than what was originally thought, and the odds are that it is probably going to be torn down in the not-too-distant future.

I think that most people agree that using the new Ralph for basketball is a bad idea. Those of us who follow the basketball teams closely (most of us anyway) feel that the Ralph is too big for hoops and thus there's no atmosphere or home court advantage. Those fans who are exclusively interested in hockey don't want the quality of the ice jeopardized. So while we're not looking at it from the same perspective, we're probably mostly in agreement that having basketball in the Ralph is not a good idea.

By the same token, Hyslop is so old and decrepit that playing any sport there much longer isn't really an option. I think that the proposed construction of a basketball/volleyball facility adjacent to the Ralph is a great idea if the money is there (which it apparently is), so long as it's built with a big enough seating capacity that it's not obsolete immediately (e.g., the womens basketball facility at Minnesota). A new facility in the 5,000 seat range would be about right. If it is built in the 3,000 seat range as proposed, it's a terrible idea and a big waste of money.

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