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  1. Thanks, stick has s new home
  2. Not sure if this is the proper place for this. Any interest in a Chay Genoway hockey stick autographed by all 6 seniors of the 2011 hockey team
  3. I believe that both Central and Red River Both have 18 State Titles since Red River became a school
  4. I have 2 all session tickets to the Frozen 4. Section 304, Row B, seats 9 & 10 Asking Face Value for them. Call: Seven, Four, One - 8860 Don
  5. Orono turns the puck over and EGF makes them pay 4-1
  6. Orono scores 3-1 in the 2 nd period
  7. I see that Altru and the Herald forgot to mention that Altru is cutting everyone PTO by 10%
  8. What I would like too know is the total number of people that rode the shuttle buses. UND has those number because i saw the bus drivers keeping track of the number of riders as they got on the bus. then we can discuss how much it was used and could they have done something to make it work instead of just quitting the service with no notice. as other people have posted there was more people using the shuttle than were parking at the ramp. i doubt we will ever get those numbers from und as it makes them more money to open up more paid parking spots and not have to pay to run the shuttles. it was a 40% increase to get a go green pass at the wellness center parking lot then to park at the ramp and ride the shuttle.
  9. The rental rate for the shuttle buses is by the hour not by miles. The rental rate also includes the cost of the diesel fuel to run them. So if they ran 4 buses for 5 hours each night at 28.00 an hour is only about $560.00. Just think what it cost UND to run them all day long. It would seem 20+ home games would be a very small amount of there total bill.
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