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  1. Absolutely brutal BS call. Gotta bring in in replay on those to decide if a major or even just a 2 min penalty. Changes the game to much to kick a player out when the call is wrong. It will be interesting if the Mich Tech player go after McWilliam? If they view the replay, they should be smart enough engineers to know it was a good, clean, hard hockey check--nothing more.
  2. A buddy of mine sent this eamil to Paul Allen, KFAN Mpls, in ref to his recent statement that the Minn Goofers are the "NY Yankess of college hockey". PA- It was interesting listening to your program on Tue. You stated the MN Gopher hockey program was the "NY Yankees of College Hockey". It's hard to debate that the Yankees have not been the top/dominant professional baseball team over the years, every meaningful statistic would indicate that they have been. In regards to the Gopher Hockey program, they have not been the "dominant" (granted, one of the good programs) College Hockey Progr
  3. I touched on this a few week ago but still irked (right word?) regarding the Goofers home/away schedule in comparison to UND's. Does RPI/Pairwise take into account the strength of schedule based only on who you play, regardless where, or does it also measure into that where you play them (home or away)? If not, it should. I looked at the top 25 rankings and, based on that, below is a schedule comparison (strength) of home & road games this season for both Minn & UND. A very nice home vs road schedule (I realize Minn) doesn't control the conf home/away schedule but they sure do the
  4. Did the refs call the CFB penalty against the UNO player against Gleason with maybe a second or two left in the game? If not, can't the league review it and suspend him for the next game? Also, that was a brutal "holding" call against the Sioux player on the UNO player's breakaway in the 3rd period that led to their PP and their first goal. The UNO player had started to lose his balance and the Sioux player literally just touched the UNO player's elbow with his hand. There was no holding or hooking or nothing. The ref made the call from the opposite corner so just "assumed" a penalty oc
  5. I'm a die hard Sioux hockey fan but I do believe this season Minn, on paper, is a bit better & deeper. That being said, it doesn't necessarily mean UND can't beat them though (heck, with just a little puck luck we had them beat Sat in OT hitting two pipes) if we meet them down the line later this season. But even if you believe the two teams are even/real close, the Sioux would be hard pressed to finish ahead of the Goofers this season in the WCHA and rankings. Two points: 1. Currently, the top 5 teams points-wise in the WCHA are Minn, St. Cloud, UND, Omaha & Denver. The Goof
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