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  1. Sure hope not……Berry needs to put the full court press on here. And I believe u are correct regarding his parents at UND.
  2. Clark is a stud, and my Edina buddy says his parents both went to UND. He’s been wearing Sioux gear around the rinks since he was a little kid. Berry needs to land him.
  3. Not sure how u did this, but it’s working. You are now, officially, my new Hero.
  4. Berry needs to suspend both of those assholes, and enlighten them with facts about “racial inequality” in this nation. Then take em on a tour of Arlington Nation Cemetery. Never thought I’d be this disappointed in my favorite sports team. Unreal
  5. What’s the latest on Adam Fantilli? Also, Berry really needs to make a hard push for Jimmy Clark - sophomore at Edina. I believe his parents are Sioux alum, this kids the real deal.
  6. Michaud is a nice “get”...proven scorer and we need centers and a power play.
  7. New normal....diluted talent pool being spread out over many new programs. Other options now, besides Nodak, MN, Wisconsin, and Boston.
  8. My understanding is that his parents are UND alum. Hope to see him in a Sioux sweater in the future. If Brad Berry can manage to find him:)
  9. Was referring specifically to the list of commits from this years state tournament players.
  10. Buddy’s kid plays in the Edina system. Says Clark kid is unreal....and a Sioux fan:)
  11. I also don’t doubt there are good players outside of Minny, but don’t want to lose sight of the original point. Not a SINGLE recruit from the deepest talent pool in the country?
  12. Appreciate the comment! With all due respect, Minnesota has the deepest talent pool in the U.S......by far. Not probably. You can fact check that all u want with USA Hockey. The Edina High School team is D1 talent top to bottom, and that’s just 1 program. Here’s at tip for Brad Berry, since he seems to be overlooking some things around here. JIMMY CLARK. Bantam at Edina. I believe parents attended UND. Maybe that will help you! Arguably the best bantam MN has to offer. Might wanna look em up:
  13. Pretty embarrassing that ND has not 1 single commit on this years MN state tournament class. Either Berry isn’t recruiting in the Minneapolis area, or these kids just don’t like him. Either way, this probably explains our average squad the last couple of years. If he isn’t looking for talent here, where is he looking?
  14. Come on guys! Are we really discussing 85 bucks to hunt 14 days?? I grew up in North Dakota, and have lived in the Minneapolis metro area for the past 23 years. I've hunted both Dakotas every year as a non-resident since 1990. If paying 6 bucks a day to hunt North Dakota is a budgetary stretch for someone, they have much bigger problems to worry about than a 6 dollar per day non-resident fee. Not trying to be argumentative.......just sayin.
  15. North Stars does not roll off the tongue the same as "star of the north", plus it would drive the MN contingency nuts. Need to move on from Sasquach ...........sounds a lot like "laughing stock".
  16. It needs to be the North Dakota North Stars...........why are we even debating this right now? Come on........
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