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  1. That late icing call was weird. Thought it was going to get waived off.
  2. If he had knocked the puck in.....good goal.
  3. I don’t understand how that’s a good goal. Just bull rushing the net/goalie. Missed the puck with his stick.
  4. In his play, or his looks? I haven't seen him without his helmet, but I thought Carsen Richels from Blaine looked like Senden.
  5. While kind of dumb, I gave them a pass. It's their conference tournament, so the numbers actually kind of make sense. I'm sure the twelve people watching knew they weren't really 3 & 6 in the country.
  6. I've heard good things about Mason Poolman and Trey Ausmus for EGF. Carsen Richels from Blaine (I believe currently uncommitted) was mentioned in the Potential Recruits thread as well.
  7. By no means am I a great hockey mind, but too many guys have been at best invisible tonight. I have like Johnny 17 and the smooth skating Adams though.
  8. Yes. Totally. Just wanted it on the record.
  9. Overall a pretty decent weekend. Too many penalties to start this one, but good late 2nd and 3rd. They can hang with anyone and the effort was obvious all weekend (a rarity this year). If they can somehow, someway make the tourney, they could be dangerous. Nick Wolff is a piece of sh*t.
  10. https://ustreamyx.com/stream.php?id=cbs-sports-network&token=796-f3a-698-2d6-e43-a92-9ba-32b-82c-f3c-98
  11. Might go away after the bball game, but for now http://www.cbssports.com/general/show/live/
  12. The link I found online is Ohio-Bowling Green college basketball OT. Who do they think they are, ESPN2??
  13. I had to Google this kid since I'd never heard of him. Looks like the MN CBS story spelled his name wrong. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/118431/gabe-guertler
  14. I can't think of a player I've seen in my life at any level that can miss the net by 5+ feet as consistently as Mismash.
  15. Maybe the Vikings will have a players-only meeting? I told my friend last night that the Vikings offense was playing like they saw Kirk Cousins eating ice cream with the Iceland chick last night.
  16. Quote of the night: "0-7 on the powerplay, but it was good enough."
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