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  1. I saw it at a Gophers basketball game a few years ago too. Still think it’s funny.
  2. Interesting that his brother is going to CC. I wonder how he feels after hearing his dad's thoughts.
  3. They said he originally committed to Providence.
  4. I wonder what ability Target Field has that others wouldn't to accommodate standing-room only. It's a baseball field. Should be lots of standing room.
  5. I give this a pass. Basically a road game for both teams. I assume this was earlier in the day when the roads got a bit better, but this morning it was an ice rink outside and I'm sure there were some who chose to play it safe and just stay home. Roads were really bad, and lots of rain plus falling temps made for scary conditions.
  6. I only got one charge from Neulion. I believe it was just an auto-renew from last year.
  7. Everyone has to start somewhere. Just commenting on the current accommodations.
  8. ASU-Denver looks like the VFW basement of college hockey rinks.
  9. THAT’S the difference between this year and last!
  10. Oh, thanks for correcting that. I thought Alex said 7th career game, but must have said game.
  11. I couldn’t believe that tonight was Reiger’s 7th game of his career. He looks quite poised and ready to bat when needed. I kinda hope Thome gets the call tomorrow to get him some game reps early on.
  12. Yeah. Total penalty. I just meant the guy was all over him for a while and weatherby was barely affected.
  13. Weatherby was just toying with that guy to draw the penalty.
  14. The feud (Commodore's side) has it's own WIkipedia section: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Commodore#Feud_with_Mike_Babcock
  15. Yeah, Bumper to Bumper has talked about him the last two days.
  16. The announcers mentioning Michaud formerly playing for CC would have made for a good drinking game.
  17. Yeah, even without the goal, he had a very good first.
  18. Let’s slash some goalies and score some goals!!!
  19. Officially 0-1-2 on the road against the top teams in the county. This team can play with anyone.
  20. Michigan State Spartan logo for Mankato when showing national standings at intermission.
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