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  1. Are you sure, this site says 8.375% (which is still high in my opinion) https://www.taxrates.com/state-rates/minnesota/cities/duluth/
  2. Just thought I would start a thread to discuss the Frozen Faceoff, discuss best places to stay, eat and hangout before and after games. We skipped last year but decided to give it a go again this year. We are staying at the Marriott City Center again as we enjoyed it being close enough to the rink that we could park for the weekend and not have to worry about driving. Favorite pregame is definitely Kieran's Bar, looking forward to a big ginger before the first game. We haven't bought any tickets yet, does anyone recall if their are many scalpers outside of Target Center ? Thinking about just not buying tickets ahead of time to avoid the fees.
  3. Yeah Marriott City Center, it was $131 on the NCHC tournament site per night. Can't remember what it was on the marriott site (think maybe $160 ??), went to check and couldn't get a price on the marriott website as it said unavailable. Still looks like its available on the NCHC tournament reservation site though.
  4. I actually booked through the NCHC tournament website and got a good deal on the Marriott, was way cheaper then the advertised rate on Marriott's website. And for breakfest yes sorry I wasn't clear meant in the morning.
  5. Anyone have any good ideas for a good greasy breakfest close to Target Center ? We used to hit up Mickeys dinner after a long night but now will have to find a new spot, hopefully within walking distance. Any recommendations ?
  6. I didn't see a thread on this years NCHC tournament so figured I would start one. Since it will be in MSP this year instead of St. Paul figured we could use this to share ideas of places to go before/after games, etc. I do have one question, for anyone who ordered tickets online has anyone received their tickets yet in the mail ?
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